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  1. I was at work the day she fell @ the Brit Awards... After that happened, I did absolutely none of my tasks for the day because I was too busy having a meltdown and then a "stan for madonna moment" that lasted for about 4 hours So because of Madonna, I had to do many extra hours that night... and the day after :/
  2. I've been a fan for 18 years. Even though I was already in loon-y mode throughout the Ray Of Light* era, I was only 10 years old, so I really wasn't aware of many many things about her or what was going on or really the cultural impact she was having back then or before that. The first era that I really lived was Music. By 2000, I already knew pretty much all of her released material and was aware of her, all about her career, her cultural impact... also what was going on: news, the upcoming tour, interviews, how cool and awesome and unique she was, etc. I really enjoyed that era because it w
  3. This is what it says when you click on it: Music makes the people come together. Join Madonna and turn your profile picture blue. Do it for the music.#TIDALforALL
  4. hmmm... i can see that... maybe it's because of the grillz -----> Patricia's crooked teeth? lol i dunno.
  5. Is it safe to assume that we are getting mixes from Offer Nissim? Wouldn't mind, tbh
  6. EXCLUSIVE: Ghosttown (Luke Slater's Facing The Darkest Club Mix). maybe it was all maybe it was all maybe it was all maybe it was all maybe it was all maybe it was all maybe it was all
  7. I hope we get some Luke Slater remixes!!!
  8. no.. look at the top.. i don't wanna spread it around cuz it looks like she wants people to think its extensions cuz they hid it pretty well but its a wig Really? Cuz it looks like extensions to me, too.
  9. This is exactly how I'm feeling. She's giving us HER ALL. The RH era keeps getting better and better too. She's trying to top her previous performance/interview/moment/whatever and she's nailing it. To this day, I'm still listening to REebel Heart EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That's the best part of all. No matter how fierce her performance is, no matter how funny or interesting she's been in interviews, no matter the amount of promo she's doing... There's an AMAZING album behind all of this. So I join you in this. THANK YOU MADONNA, YOU IS KIND. YOU IS SMART. YOU IS SPECIAL. Can I try to get yo
  10. O M G HER FUCKING FACE!!!! Her face has been amazing this whole era, but OMG she looked 30 years old!!!!!! Amazing make up, amazing her. Now, let's move on to THAT FUCKING HAIR!!!! OOOMMMGGGGG!!!!! she's killing me, she looks sooooo gooooood with that hairdo!!! And finally, SHE SOUNDED FUCKING GREAT!!! Yes, shaky and nervious at the beggining, but after the first chorus she was on fucking fire!!!! Oh, Taylor? Hi girl. You were nice.
  11. FUCK i leave the house for 5 minute.... Someone please post some pics!
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