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  1. I would never date a fellow Madonna fan. I enjoy very much showing Madonna stuff to my dates or boyfriends that they've never seen or heard before and it's always nice when they like it or when they look at me with that "you are obsessed, aren't you?" look.
  2. Holy shit!!! Finally!!! Looks like such a fun shoot! And it kinda takes from her various eras from her career. This one is my fav.
  3. holy shit, six replies in a row. i'm having a remix meltdown.
  4. Maybe this is the first batch we're getting? It was like that with LFL and now we have 841 remixes of that (about 4 actually enjoyable, though)
  5. haha actually it's not that bad... not great AT ALL, but not really awful in my book hehe
  6. Where's Luke Slater? Maybe he can save us :/
  7. We were afraid that they were gonna speed up the vocals, but it sounds like most of them are actually slowed down! #mess
  8. holy shit, if that's the best one and it's the first one that I'm listening, I'm not sure I want to listen to the other ones
  9. omg the Dirty Pop Intro Mix is beyond awful! The vocals during the chorus and the bridge don't even match the music very well! Sounds VERY amateur.
  10. There's gotta be an extended version with more vocals... maybe... I hope so.
  11. Extra guy: "when was the last time you had an international tour?" Madonna: Seriously, it's like this guy doesn't even know that she's the biggest touring act in the world.
  12. Haters are just idiots because I feel like deep inside they LOVE her, but they refuse to accept it. Besides, it's always been "cool" to hate her. But ex fans... omg, they are way worse. I can't stand their "I'm above Madonna now", i mean, wtf shitheads? I agree about the whole rayoflighters thing, too.
  13. Holy shit!!!! She looks amazing + the energy in that room! So, what else do we know about this Tidal thing?
  14. I can't give you perfect, but I can give you forever That lyric is
  15. MDNA LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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