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  1. I think Demonna has captured Madeena. Poor brave Madeena is in a cage (not called the stage), down in hell (where Demonna has a lot of friends). That's why for the entire RH era, Madeena has not been seen not even once, I think. Demonna took over and she's here to stay slay!

  2. lol she ain't mariah dude.

    I thought the kfc queen released like 48 "first singles/buzz singles" and kept postponing the release date for her album... and then when beautiful was a kinda-hit, she finally decided to release the album..... no?

    anyway... i loved every single bit of the LFL sub-era, and i'm sure she's proud of it all... but i'm so glad that Bitch I'm M-dolla is here rape us all!!!! i hope there are more performances of it around the corner! :D

  3. Let's not give GT the finger, the video is a masterpiece and boosted the album up! Let's praise both!!! Both equally brilliant!!! Video and now BIM performance!! We are in Madonna heaven!!!


    we've had the heart for a while now, and now we're only starting to see the rebel side!!!

    Let's just enjoy both!! It's so great that we have an amazing video and an amazing performance, all in the same 48 hours!

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