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  1. No La Isla & Candy Shop? Fake.
  2. I need a pic with Chair now, please. #WTFisMDNA
  3. I can't believe some of you fags... We pretty much thought that she wasn't attending, and then when she finally graces the peasants with her presence, you STILL complain about her dress. Ugh.
  4. my god... they really, really do look amazing together!!!
  5. actually, the first one (from 2007 i think?) is quite nice!
  6. where did she said that, dear?
  7. Is that really a hint, though? he also posted some pics with that rapper's wife.
  8. Well, I replaced Rebel Heart and Beautiful Scars with their demo versions, tbh. Joan of Arc was replaced with the Acoustic/Demo version. Also, I included Never Let You Go (it's really amazing), Nothing Last Forever and Tragic Girl at the end of the album, and WAOM dance demo, Iconic (Demo/Part 2) and Bitch I'm Madonna (Demo 1) as well. That's about it. I have pretty much every demo that leaked, but I don't really listen to them.
  9. UGH. is this because of the stupid charts? I just can't with people that measure success based on the charts. I mean, didn't Glee had like 18 billion Hot 100 entries or something?? I mean, GLEE!!!! Does that mean that they're successful or relevant? This era is SUPER successful to me and to so many fans because we actually enjoy the music and we've had a blast with all the interviews, performances of life, photoshoots, music videos, etc.
  10. 2259 items all of the albums, 95% official remixes, demos, one official recording from every tour, studio versions, instrumentals, some self-edits, some unofficial remixes (including some by our very own Dubtronic), early days, stems... 18,76 GB - 7 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes and 43 seconds
  11. I love it!!! It's so cute and bittersweet. LOVE when the strings come to life after the "wanna know god's plans" part. I love MDNA, and even tho I don't listen to it as much now, IFU is one of the few that I still find myself humming every now and then.
  12. haha yeah!!! i do the same! kinda like spasmic slow motion twerking.
  13. A few months ago I had my ipod on shuffle and American Pie started playing. A friend (she's 24, so when the song came out, she must've been around 9) said to me that she remembers this song being huge and that she thinks that it's one of Madonna's signature songs. I thought it was interesting, because yeah, us fans tend to under appreciate this amazing song. We had a little chat and I asked her if she thinks that AP is on the same level as Like A Prayer or Vogue, and she actually said that she thinks it's even bigger (bless her). I never feel the urge to listen to it, but when it comes on shu
  14. Those menopause days were cute. Yes, we all love Madge when she's a whore, but there was a nice vibe about her housewive persona that was just great and charming. Having said that, thank god she's now raping Drake on stage.
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