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  1. feo y gordo. BESOS.

  2. hola guapo! XOXO

  3. excellent work. thank you so much henzito. my write-up is so retarded! and great pictures, too.
  4. ^ AWESOME posters. those should be the official ones!
  5. glad you guys like them! I was giggling while doing them.
  6. OMG! they've released some new teaser posters!!!! more to come soon!
  7. YES........ i'm REALLY bored! haha
  8. she's gonna do some concerts in Argentina, Chile and Brazil later this year.
  9. actually, Oceania was not a single!!! can you believe that??!!!! it was intended to be the first single, but it ended up just as a promo for the album. the actual first single was "Who Is It" (UK #26) and then "Triumph Of A Heart" (UK #31). "Where Is The Line" was rumored to be the fourth single since there's a video for it, but the idea was dropped because of the Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack.
  10. It's so amazing. it's a grower, for sure, but it's PERFECTION. i really want at least 5 singles/videos from this album. her last two albums only got 3 and 2 singles respectively.
  11. DI has been postponed. Now the second single will be Innocence, and then DI, to be released sometime in september/october. but that's ok, i guess, cuz i love Innocence too
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