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  1. lol I don't care if she never has a top 10 single ever again, anywhere in the world. I just want her to perform because she's so good doing it and I want to download that performance in HQ and watch it over and over again hehe, not because I want her to do promo and reach #1 or #99, whatever.

  2. lol I'm not even gonna listen to the album, at least no more than maybe 2 times... I'm getting it just because of the beautiful artwork and because well, i CAN'T NOT have this release. This is something i bet a lot of fans will do... Yes, the remaster of most songs is great, so i'm keeping/copying those versions for my computer/ipod. The fucked up tracks: Music, it's a song from 2000, a remaster was not REALLY necessary anyway... Erotica, if i'm not even going to listen to the album, i mean it's easy to fix for my computer/ipod... and Express Yourself... well yeah, that's one hot mess lol but i rarely listen to the Pettibone mix anyway.

    So yeah, can't wait to get the 2cd version, the 1cd version and the dvd, hopefully in digipack! :D

  3. since I don't think it's very possible that madge's gonna do a new song for the GH with warner, wouldn't it be cool if they use Beat Goes On to promote the compilation? maybe with a really cheap video or mixing the backdrop videos from BGO and Get Stupid... but oh well.... don't think it's going to happen.

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