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  1. Not much to anticipate is there? With Jonas we can expect every cliché in the book. BIM especially could have used some fresh direction. I expect it will be good but its not going to reinvent anything or present M in a way we have not seen before.

    Slow was awesome vid for Kylie, it broke some rules and surprised people, and not just in a shock value


  2. Just hope her team do things s bit quicker with the release, remixes etc. we still don't have the GT remixes yet...

    yes!!! a little organization would be appreciated.

    Now, since this is the "Diploest" track on the album, I'm hoping for some really amazing remixes! Hopefully we'll get some acts from Mad Decent (Diplo's label) such as The Partysquad, GTA, Riff Raff, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead and of course a proper Major Lazer mix!

    Unfortunately, we will probably get THRILL, DJ Mike Whatever, Offer Nissim, DJ Paulo and Dirty Pop. :(

  3. oh god, this video is going to be so much fun!!!

    This would be the appropriate time to call in all these favors and connections with the young divas she knows.

    I'm here for a Miley, Katy, Rihanna, Nicki crazy video collab

    yes!!!! they can all be dressed as M from different eras! Even Gags can be there, now that they're "friends", with the Express Yourself video outfit, of course! (She already has one, no? :D )


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