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  1. oh god, I totally forgot about this This was around the same time when we tought that UB was that "We-R-Superstars" song (or whatever it was called)
  2. Song of Life. ikr, the one they released on dvd is so blah compared to this one.
  3. omg so funny!!! and her arms towards the end look like her 2008 gollum arms haha im kidding
  4. This is unbelievable!!!! Those pics could've been taken today or 15 years ago. she's too much! ugh.
  5. It was my fav for several weeks when the first 6 songs were released, and now I'm in love it with all over again. I even changed my sig to a DP themed one.
  6. omg!!! these bring back sooo many good memories from my early days with internet access back in like 2000 or 2001. I STILL think theyre amazing! <3
  7. Yeah, she's still such a role model for so many aspects in my life.
  8. NYC baby! would love to meet some of you guys and yeah, we should all go wild after the show!
  9. omg she looks amazing! this is the first time she repeats a hairstyle since sorry/hung up in video... before that, I think it was Lucky Star/Borderline, no? #obligatoryhaircomment god, i need this video like NAO.
  10. I think it was a given that this video would feature lots of extras and dancers... and I don't remember a pool scene in the Celebration video
  11. I'm still listening to it, every single day! I just can't get enough of it! I'll admit that now I'm listening to some other things as well... It's not 24/7 anymore... But yeah, I find myself listening at least 80% of it daily.
  13. yes!!! a little organization would be appreciated. Now, since this is the "Diploest" track on the album, I'm hoping for some really amazing remixes! Hopefully we'll get some acts from Mad Decent (Diplo's label) such as The Partysquad, GTA, Riff Raff, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead and of course a proper Major Lazer mix! Unfortunately, we will probably get THRILL, DJ Mike Whatever, Offer Nissim, DJ Paulo and Dirty Pop.
  14. New mix uploaded! Razor N Guido!!!!! damn... is this the first time sice their Rain mix? Pretty generic but enjoyable, imo.
  15. I love the grillz!!!! I will get one 4 sure as part of my outfit for the concert!
  16. oh god, this video is going to be so much fun!!! yes!!!! they can all be dressed as M from different eras! Even Gags can be there, now that they're "friends", with the Express Yourself video outfit, of course! (She already has one, no? ) and PLEASE. HAVE. DIPLO. IN. IT.
  17. oh god, it's such a fun track!!!!! loves it, loves it, LOVES IT!!!!!! She could totally pull this on tour again and it would fit so well with her now grand performances. It's just so much FUN!!! ​Physical Attraction Causing A Commotion Into The Groove .... play those in a row and dance your ass off!!!!
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