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    That's right, on september of 2000 Madonna released her long-awaited follow up to her masterpiece Ray Of Light.

    Let's celebrate everything about this project. The photoshoots, the interviews, the promo tour, THE COWGIRL, the fantastic music videos, the lyrics, the world tour. EVERYTHAANNG.

    I personally love this album. My favorite is PARADISE (NOT FOR ME), it's gonna stay on my top 3 probably forever!










  2. Let's be fair... she did a lot of interviews for radio shortly before and during the release of Hard Candy as well as some TV interviews. The radio interviews were needed because never before did she do so many in support of one album. She also did a few promo concerts and then went right into rehearsing for a tour in support of the album. By the time the album was in full swing, she was rehearsing. Her earlier interviews prior to the album release, did spark a lot of attention towards the lead single. I don't know why people keep forgetting that? Certainly, she could have kept up the interviews and more appearances, but her focus was on the tour by then, and that's where she makes her money, not on the album.

    I am not saying that she didn't talk about the album at all. Of course she did. Those radio interviews were fun, but really, she didn't talk a lot about the album. She talked about Malawai, the kids, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, her marriage, the B12 shot... She did talked about the time in the studio with Justin, Timbo and Pharrell, and that was pretty cool, but she was so much more excited talking about the films and other projects. I'm just saying that I want to see her talking about her music as excited as when she talks about those other projects. Let's hope she does!

  3. Well, I rather be more optimistic. She can do both. She's done it before. Obviously, she would be quite excited about her film endeavor, but if she can mix a song in there, it would be great. That's all I'm saying.

    I would like to be more optimistic, but last time, when Hard Candy was released, she was all over the place talking about Filth and Wisdom and I Am Because We Are... Of course I want to see her talking about the movie. The project sounds really great and all... But I'd still want her to talk about the album... A LOT.

    Let's just hope that if the film and the album are released at the same time, she can talk about them equally. :)

  4. ANYWAY... great news, but not really "new" since most of us figured that would be her next step after filming the movie. I suspect she'll be in the studio as well editing the film at the same time. I hope this time around she actually ties a song to the movie. The album and movie could easily be released simultaneously.

    so in every interview she would talk 90% about the movie and 10% about the album :(

  5. don't know if someone already posted this, but the guy that's been posting all the info @ mfanzine bought the amaray version of the dvd... someone else pointed that amazon has 2 age recomendations: amaray case is for age 12 and digipack is for age 16... so MAYBE there's some hope for JML uncesored??? haha yeah, very unlikely, but hey, it's only wishful thinking! :p

    anyway, it's all about I Want You FINALLY on DVD!!! :dramatic:

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