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  1. RedVulva is just a fun throwaway song. I appreciate it for what it is. Some said that she's too old to sing a song like this... UGH. WHATEVER. Yes, it was a FLOP SINGLE. next.
  2. I was 9 when I discovered this song. I was playing with my action figures and Deeper and Deeper was playing in the background I love this song. It's amazing. and of course... it has THE ULTIMATE BRIGE: Someone said that romance was dead And I believed it instead of remembering What my mama told me Let my father mold me Then you tried to hold me You remind me what they said This feeling inside I can't explain But my love is alive And I'm never gonna hide it again fucking EPIC! :bow:
  3. MadonnaNation's top videos (based on how many times the video has been mentioned on this thread as the favorite/one of the favorites) Like A Prayer - 14 mentions Bad Girl - 10 mentions Rain - 6 mentions Open Your Heart - 5 mentions Oh Father - 5 mentions Express Yourself - 5 mentions Vogue - 5 mentions Ray Of Light - 4 mentions I Want You - 4 mentions Bedtime Story - 3 mentions Hollywood - 3 mentions Human Nature - 3 mentions What It Feels Like For A Girl - 3 mentions Frozen - 3 mentions Take A Bow - 3 mentions Borderline - 2 mentions The Power Of Good-Bye - 2 mentions Justif
  4. from a certain angle he's undoubtedly Ritchie.... but from EVERY other angle he's completely Ciccone!!
  5. god, Little Girl is beautiful. she needs to sing like this again. Set The Right is pretty nice, but yes, I agree with everyone saying that the K lyrics is a little too much in this song. Corazon is nice, definitely better than that awful version with Loca Martin.
  6. oooh yes!!! the crazy-floor-humping-orgasm-dancing from Let It Will Be/She's Not Me.
  7. if she does Celebration, it HAS TO BE THE BENNY BENASSI MIX!!!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuDu_0-fxKc and this is THE REAL deal... this is how it should've been for the dvd:
  9. Open Your Heart Get Together Love Profusion OR Hollywood Angel Where's The Party
  10. :D

    Hey TJ. Nice to see you again, buddy! :)

  11. thank you, sir! yes, i'm really liking this place these days. ;)

  12. I think the Hello Suckers! demos would be better for the 2055 Confessions BOX
  13. Sadly, it's fake. Check the thread with the link, darling.
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