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  1. Don't know if this was already posted:

    EXCLUSIVE - DrownedMadonna.com heard more exclusive news on the music video of Madonna's third single from MDNA, Turn Up The Radio.

    We learned that Madonna's Turn Up The Radio will be directed by famous photographer Tom Munro. Madonna already worked with Munro for several magazine shoots and her Give It 2 Me video.

    We remind you that the video will be filmed in Rome on Sunday, June 10, two days before her first Italian concert at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

    Read more: http://drownedmadonna.com/index/item/776-exclusive-tom-munro-to-direct-madonnas-turn-up-the-radio-video.html#ixzz1xSNpL5UT


    They are still not ready for the shooting of Turn Up The Radio, therefore it is not taking place today as previously planned, reported and also confirmed by Live Nation Italia. They are still looking for a product placement deal, especially an automotive deal, like Madonna did with Smirnoff in Give Me All Your Luvin' video and Jennifer Lopez had with FIAT in her Papi video.

    Maybe, the video shooting - directed by Tom Munro as we told you a few days ago - will happen next weekend.

    Reports by Italian press regarding archeological areas in Rome were not true, in fact a car theme was part of the concept.

    Read more: http://drownedmadonna.com/index/item/777-madonna-turn-up-the-radio-video-shooting-directed-by-tom-munro-is-postponed.html#ixzz1xSO1t1vg

  2. So, after 2+ months, I'm feeling a little tired of it, but it's because it's THE ONLY THING that I've been listening to.

    About 2 weeks ago I got a bunch of new music in my iPod, and it's been nice to listen to something else for a change, but afer a few songs, I feel like I'm starting to miss MDNA and I have to play it from begining to end haha.

    Girl Gone Wild 8

    Gang Bang 11

    Im Addicted 11

    Turn Up the Radio 9

    GMAYL 7

    Some Girls 11

    Superstar 7

    I Dont Give A 7

    Im a Sinner 10

    Love Spent 11

    Masterpiece 9

    Falling Free 10

    Beautiful Killer 9

    I Fucked Up 7

    B Day Song 7

    Best Friend 6

  3. It really is an amazing opener. However, I think there's a little too much going on. That's what's PERFECT about the CT opening, it's so elegant and simplistic, the dancers are doing their thing on the sides of the stage and it's all about her and the disco ball, not to mention the breathtaking backdrop.

    But whatever, MDNA's opening is REALLY out of this world. I love the Kalakan chanting, especially the "MAAA-AAAHHH-DOOOOO-NNNNNAAAA" part. *chills*

    The dancers dressed as demons are super cool. I love the ones with the wings thing.

    Having said that, GGW easily shits all over the Future Lovers performance.

    So, IMO, it's a tie between CT and MDNA.

    1. CT/MDNA

    2. RIT

    3. BAT

  4. I was 9 when I discovered this song. I was playing with my action figures and Deeper and Deeper was playing in the background :lol:

    I love this song. It's amazing.

    and of course... it has THE ULTIMATE BRIGE:

    Someone said that romance was dead

    And I believed it instead of remembering

    What my mama told me

    Let my father mold me

    Then you tried to hold me

    You remind me what they said

    This feeling inside

    I can't explain

    But my love is alive

    And I'm never gonna hide it again

    fucking EPIC! :bow::bow: :bow: :bow:


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