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  1. I don't consider the Ray Of Light years to be Madonna's modest years at all. She was still overtly sexual in her videos and performances ('98 VMAs anyone) - the only difference was that she was wearing pants. '95-'96 were modest in the way she dressed because of the preparations for Evita, but let's face it even then she still had a sass about her. It's not just the way Madonna dresses that I am talking about - it's her attitude, and she became extremely submissive and oddly apologetic during her time with Guy. It all started when she met Guy, and it ended with him too.

    Oh and of course the failure of American Life stung; that's why she sought out to come back in a huge way for Confessions, but the whole "MADONNA WANTS PEOPLE TO THINK SHE'S YOUNG" thing is so overblown IMO.

    Yeah, she was still very sexual during the ROL era, but it wasn't so IN YOUR FACE as it has been since 2005. But I agree with you, it was all about her attitude.

    About the transition between AL and COADF, some people were saying that COADF was some sort of "damage control" after the cold reaction to AL, and that she needed to "go back to her roots" to show everyone that she was the same whore from the 80s and 90s, not only because of her image, but also because of her music, because she turned into Acoustic Esther. I agree just a little with this, but the music and the visuals for COADF were top notch, so no complains there. It was like a hybrid between ESTHER + DITA + EARLY MADONNA. Great times.

  2. Section 1: TRANSGRESSION

    Girl Gone Wild

    Beautiful Killer or Bad Girl

    Gang Bang

    Papa Don't Preach (full version with samples of Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)

    Deeper and Deeper or Bad Girl (dramatic, upbeat version WITHOUT vocoder)

    I Don't Give A

    Section 2: PROPHECY (new costumes for NRM, IA and LAP)

    Best Friend - Interlude

    Nothing Really Matters

    I'm Addicted

    Like a Prayer

    Open Your Heart

    Love Spent


    Justify My Love - Interlude


    Candy Shop

    Some Girls or Human Nature

    You'll See or What It Feels Like for a Girl or Falling Free

    Section 4: REDEMPTION

    Nobody Knows Me - Interlude

    Express Yourself

    Give Me All Your Luvin'

    Turn Up the Radio



    I know she's not gonna make that many changes, but oh well...the hope dies last! :p

    haha oh what the hell....

    0. Act Of Contrition (with actual samples from the 1989 track)*

    1. Girl Gone Wild

    2. Deeper And Deeper/Thief Of Hearts

    3. Gang Bang

    4. Die Another Day

    5. I Don't Give A [Guitar]*

    6. Revolver (Video Interlude)

    7. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Just Blaze Mix, longer)

    8. Express Yourself/Born This Way

    9. Some Girls

    10. Hung Up (maybe a new mix, but not as extreme as the one she's currently using)

    11. Love Spent (Acoustic) [Guitar]

    12. Justify My Love (Video Interlude)

    13. Vogue

    14. Candy Shop

    15. Erotica/Secret (remembre the GHV2 Thunderpuss Megamix?)

    16. Masterpiece*

    17. Like A Virgin/Evgeni's Waltz

    18. Nobody Knows Me (Video Interlude)

    19. I'm Addicted

    20. I'm A Sinner/Beautiful Stranger [Guitar]

    21. Turn Up The Radio [No Guitar]

    22. Open Your Heart*

    23. Like A Prayer*

    24. Celebration (LONGER, EPICNESS LEVEL: 1000000)

    * With Kalakan.


  3. I tried doing it like that, Whoopie, but I didn't like the result, so fuck it! haha

    1. Erotica (Perfect from begining to end)

    2. Ray Of Light

    3. Confessions On A Dance Floor

    ------- (That's my ultimate top 3) -------

    4. MDNA (It might take COADF's place with time)

    5. Like A Prayer

    6. Bedtime Stories

    7. Like A Virgin

    8. American Life

    9. Music

    10. Hard Candy

    11. True Blue

    12. Madonna (Love every song, but when I listen to it, doesn't really feel like an album, more like a compilation of great songs. Same for TB, I guess)

  4. Klein was fantastic for the W Magazine photoshoot. The rest was dreadful.

    yeah, he was good for both W spreads in 2003 and 2006... some of the "Blame it on Rio" were good, too... But I agree, the rest was so forgetable and boring.

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