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  1. I don't know why, but when I listen to this song I picture her Bad Girl-video persona singing it... So yeah, if the location is NYC, that would be heaven... But I don't want it to be in an abandoned cathedral or anything like that. Like many said before, that would be too predictable. So Jonas is confirmed?
  2. ^ oh honey, no. that's kinda tacky.
  3. Addicted - When it leaked it was one of my favs, but now it feels a little blah. It's still a nice song and LOVE how similar it is to I Know It... but that's about it. Rebel Heart - I just can't with the sad final product. The first demo that leaked is/was perfection. I actually replaced it in my playlist. OH WELL. Messiah - Yeah, it's moody and has strings and super dramatic and everything. It's nice and I really like the chorus, but most of the times I just want it to end so I can listen to the Rebel Heart demo. Veni Vidi Vici - SUCH an improvement from the demo, but I hate the Nas interr
  4. Oh shit I forgot about Devil Pray. Well that's out of this world too. I CAN'T DO A TOP 5 DAMMIT.
  5. In no order: · Illuminati - Majestic fiercest shit. · Iconic - Fiercest shit. · Wash All Over Me - one day I love the demo version, the next day I love the album version... It's such a gift to have them both. · Living For Love - Best lead single since Hung Up (but that's obvious). Can't get enough of it. Should've been her 187th #1 hit. · Holy Water - I actually love the clicking on the verses... Girl keeps incorporating time/hesitating/waiting/ticktock references. Honorable mentions: · Joan Of Arc - I replaced the Fergie version with the demo. Stunning. · Hold Tight - That's classic Madonn
  6. My dream Rebel Heart Promo Tour setlist: 1. Living For Love (half original/half living for drums) 2. Ghosttown 3. Joan Of Arc 4. Angel 5. Wash All Over Me 6. Secret 7. Holy Water 8. Bitch I'm Madonna I know that she'll probably do the usual 5 song set list with the oldie but goodie being GI2M or something haha
  7. Oh, and can't wait for an updated version of this with the HOLY WATER/VOGUE mashup from the Rebel Heart Tour.
  8. If the greatest pop song of all time. No other popstar could've ever been able to deliver a song in such an elegant, arrogant, pompous, and simply amazing way. Her "Vogue" persona is what makes her MADONNA. FUCK YOU Sinead O'Connor Bitch for stealing Video of the Year and Female video at the VMAs. FUCK YOU. oh, and of course... Enough said.
  9. Maybe she's doing Amazing and Superstar too?
  10. Yeah, I don't think it's saying that she's going to perform Take A Bow. I think it's just playing with words/song titles (like they always do), and the TAB reference might be because it's the final performance on Ellen. Just because it says "Take A Bow" is no confirmation that she's going to perform it... If that was the case, then "it's confirmed" that she's doing Cherish too... and we all know that it's not going to happen. And don't get me wrong.. If she does TAB I would seriously have a heart attack. And even if she does Cherish with Ellen in the bathroom, that would be out of this world
  11. Are they really a couple? It's kind of awesome if they are... I saw Bambi's IG and she keeps posting like "1 year anniversary"... "2 years anniversary" and tags Aya. But I'm not really sure. I think it's lovely and they are lovely. oh and yeah, their moves are killer. can't wait to see them on the RH tour.
  12. So today was just the performance? No chat with Ellen?
  13. I LOVE this. It's one of my fav specials of her... Her early days is one of my fav Madonna eras. Does anyone have this in HQ? I've been looking for ages.
  14. Here's the full show to watch online: http://watchseries-online.ch/episode/the-ellen-degeneres-show-2015-03-17-madonna There's a few links and mirrors in there
  15. Thanks magom! oh, and it's also my first time seeing HER
  16. I wonder if this is any indication that she's gonna do LAP, Music and Vogue? That's always the case, no? Anyway, I think it's time to bring back: Music Ray Of Light (no guitar please) Holiday And I would DIE... really stop living... if she does DEEPER AND DEEPER SECRET ANGEL or EVERYBODY
  17. I'm seeing her in NYC. It'll be my first time in NYC too
  18. I'd die if she pulls a Robyn and releases a bunch of EPs every few months with 6-8 tracks each
  19. LOL yea, don't even know why I said that! Now I understand why I have a warning point lol. Still, they're not my fav performances of all time, but now I can't say enough how AMAZING they both are.
  20. La festa è finita, ora allacciati la cintura, stronzetta The party is over, now put your safety belt on, little bitch
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