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  1. So, this is how the album looks like with my 10s only: 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Illuminati 5. Joan Of Arc (Acoustic) 6. Never Let You Go 7. Iconic 8. Body Shop 9. Beautiful Scars (Original/Demo) 10. Holy Water 11. Inside Out 12. Wash All Over Me 13. Rebel Heart (Original/Demo) Pretty nice!
  2. 1. Living For Love - 10 2. Devil Pray - 10 3. Ghosttown - 10 4. Unapologetic Bitch - 9 5. Illuminati - 10 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna - 9 7. Hold Tight - 8 8. Joan of Arc (Album Version)* - 6 9. Iconic - 10 10. HeartBreakCity - 7 11. Body Shop - 10 12. Holy Water - 10 13. Inside Out - 10 14. Wash All Over Me - 10 15. Best Night - 9 16. Veni, Vedi, Vici - 7 17. S.E.X. - 9 18. Messiah - 8 19. Rebel Heart (Album Version)* - 6 Bonus Tracks 20. Beautiful Scars (Album Version)* - 6 21. Borrowed Time - 7 22. Addicted - 8 23. Graffiti Heart - 8 24. Queen - 9 25. Autotune B
  3. I love the original 1984 version. Don't really care for the STR remix or the Soulpower remix, but there are some really great remixes for it. My favs are: Ealy Morning Dubs and Extended Journey Mix.
  4. I'm playing it right now while reading this thread!
  5. OMG Diplo last night!!!! HE IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!! AND YES, HE PLAYED BITCH I'M MADONNA FOR A BIT!!!! it was amazing!!! can't wait to hear it for real in september!!!
  6. ^ oh yeah, of course i'm talking about the minute RH and WAOM leaked
  7. I don't hear a sample or any similarity.
  8. Diplo is playing tonight in my country as part of the Life In Color festival.. I hope he plays BITCH I'M MADONNA! If he does, I'm gonna do a video of me going ape shit and post it here!
  9. omg you're so right!! It totally reminds me of this look:
  10. LOL no,, but I've been trying to put Rebel Heart while having sex with my bf, but he has forbidden it
  12. Chopsticks, underwear Bar of soap, dental chair Fishnets, satin sheets Garter belt, raw meat Candle light, keyhole Leather belt, mink stole Golden shower, latex thong Licorice whip, strap it on
  13. This time is difficult to guess how many songs from the new album she's gonna do, because there are SO MANY. Before it was easier to calculate, because she usually does 8-10 songs from the new album, right? Including interludes. She did 9 from MDNA (+ Celebration & Revolver), 9 from Hard Candy, etc... But this time could be different, because as I said before, there are more songs this time. I think that the deluxe and super deluxe bonus tracks don't have the same priority as the tracks in the standard edition... right? And taking into consideration which seems to be HER favorites (based
  14. Yes! and that's a very nice way to put it. I remember with MDNA (and no, I'm not dissing it), by week 2 I was already making playlists with all of my other music + MDNA... But with Rebel Heart it feels like I don't even need to listen to anything else. I'm so sorry for all the other fan bases.
  15. Yeah, so... In the morning on my way to work, I'm listening to Rebel Heart. At work, I'm listening to Rebel Heart. On my way back home, I'm listening to Rebel Heart. At home, I'm listening to Rebel Heart. During the weekends, I'm listening to Rebel Heart. Sometimes when I'm like hanging out with people and stuff, I actually can't wait to listen to Rebel Heart. I also really like Björk, and I know that there's new music out, but I don't even know if the new album is released or whatever, because I'm listening to Rebel Heart. Today for the first time I tried listening to something else..
  16. well that sounds a little better
  17. That's actually very nice! I've been trying to figure out, just for fun, how to arrange the tracklist if there were no bonus, super deluxe, additional tracks, etc... and you're right, that feels like a real Madonna album... But I just can't live without Illuminati.
  18. This needs to be a single with an amazing video. The drop after (or during?) the chorus is DOPE. I picture like a glitchy-kinda effect during that part, somthing like this:
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