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  1. Sorry if this was posted already, but do we know an approx. date for the video release? I need it now, please.
  2. No, but seriously.... This is actually pretty good but I think it should start with JOA
  3. Oh what the hell, just bring Fergie on stage and do a mash up with Big Girls Don't Cry.
  4. LOLOLOLOLOL Joan of Arc mixed with La Isla Bonita Dubplate, please!!!!
  5. yeah, they need to get over it. It's been 200 years since Ray Of Light and they're still waiting for the sequel. Well... they can keep on waiting. In the mean time, I'm gonna go twerk a little to Holy Water in the office bathroom.
  6. Yeah, and I bet he's still waiting for the Pat Leonard reunion.
  7. I'm so glad that this one was the one she selected from the "preachy" demos to be on the album. I was afraid that she was gonna include "Freedom" It was my favorite of the preachy bunch back then, and now the final released version is lovely, I agree about the amazing melody, the great lyrics and the somwehat 80s-ish vocals. I wonder if this is gonna be the political/preachy interlude/segment on tour this time. I just love this record so much!!!
  8. hahahaha I'm not a fan AT ALL of the Fergie version of Joan Of Arc. THANK GOD for the SUBLIME Acoustic/Demo version. Hold Tight doesn't sound like Baby Don't Like, IMO. I can't say it enough: Hold Tight is Bedtime Stories 2015. I love it so much!!!!!!! UGH!
  9. Does anyone have the hitchhiker pic from the SEX book in very HQ? I want to make a life size print of it to put in in my office! Would really appreciate it!
  10. and yeah, about Hold Tight... it's amazing! It took me awhile to get into it when we only had the demo version, but the final product is superb. Yes, it's kinda quiet after Bitch I'm Madonna, but that's only because that song is super crazy, especially with those duck-being-raped kinda sounds (which I love). Hold Tight is classic Madonna. Bedtime Stories 2015 bitches!
  11. It's not the first time we hear rumors about Madonna being featured in her latest producer's forthcoming album... Same thing happened with Timbaland. I think it happened with Pharrell too...
  12. It's beautiful. I think it's up there with the likes of Paradise (Not For Me) and To Have And Not To Hold (Both in my top 10). I said it in another thread, but it's dark, moody, vulnerable, edgy. Experimentaldonna is back! It's great that we have both versions. The demo is a stand out as well.
  13. LOL after posting that, I went to google to try to find it again and this showed up: NSFW:
  14. Does anyone have the hitchhiker pic from the SEX book in UHQ or at least very HQ? haha... I want to print a life size version of it to put in in my office! Would really appreciate it!
  15. YES, PLEASE!!! M-dolla licking Diplo's body, wearing grillz and Nicki twerking in the background!
  16. Yes, it's amazing!!!! Fantastic reinvention keeping the original vibe of the song... I was still constantly listening to it up until 2010 I think haha. I even did this little edit that doesn't have the beginning of the "Jump" transition in the end. It just fades kinda nice actually. https://www.sendspace.com/file/zqf317
  17. ^ For the mini disc, I think they only released The Immaculate Collection, Ray Of Light and Music... but I'm not 100% sure.
  18. But it's not that difficult! In that part I kind of twerk in slow motion with spasm-like movements.
  19. Oh god, I love cassettes! Yes, they look incredibly cute! The last time I saw stores still selling cassettes was around 2002. I remember seeing the GHV2 cassette. I never bought a Madonna cassette, but I remember being obssesed, for some reason, with the alternate design of Ray of Light with the letters on top of her. Lovely! They also remind me of when I started listening to Madonna back in 1997 and I would do my Madonna mix tapes with hand drawn artwork and stuff... Great times!
  20. ^ a pre-chorus, a chorus and a post-chorus?
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