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  1. I would totally let him crush my face with his ass, lick and smell his sweaty armpits, spit in my mouth and cum all over me face.
  2. Ugh. They are so clueless. Bland, stupid, basic bitches discussing the biggest female mega force of all time. What do you expect? It's called jealousy. Fucking bitches.
  3. It's PERFECT! Thank you so much!!! Yeah, my boss doesn't know that I'm doing this haha I'll post a picture later!
  4. LOLOLOL yeah, i think you're right guys
  5. I hope we get a lot of slow motion! omg she's killing me!!!!
  6. LOL actually that would be amazing and hilarious!
  7. I'm not sure if its a sword, but it kinda looks like one hehe... Upper left corner!
  9. REBEL HEART TOUR 2015 ********************************** MATADOR [A.K.A. THE HEART] VIDEO INTRO [Minotaur + #SECRETPROJECT Narrative] Living For Love [Living For Drama Intro/Album Version/Living For Drums Mix] Deeper And Deeper Hung Up Nothing Really Matters Hold Tight S.E.X. (VIDEO INTERLUDE) [Contains elements of Erotica, Justify My Love and Human Nature] RASTAFARI Unapologetic Bitch Physical Attraction Best Night Body Shop Secret ILLUMINATI (VIDEO INTERLUDE) APOCALYPTIC Ghosttown Live To Tell Devil Pray Wash All Over Me/Rain [Medley] Joan Of Arc VENI VIDI VICI (Video Inte
  10. oh and all of my straight friends really like it!!! Generalpublicdonna!
  11. I agree that this song is not getting the attention it deserves. This is the most Major Lazer-influenced song on the album, but it still sounds 100% a Madonna song. The Queen doing reggae: OUT OF THIS WORLD... Why's It So Hard has some strokes of reggae in it, but this time she went all out and it's AH-MAH-ZING. It's still such a dream come true for me that she ended up working with Diplo. A few years ago I made a thread about it in the General Music section and everyone was like DAFUQ?... I feel like I won the lottery, bitches! Needs to be a single. A Summer single. What about a Reggae sec
  12. I've been trying really hard to like the album version... Actually, it's not that I don't like it, I think it's fine... But I fell in love with the demo/Avicii dance version since december. If we never had heard the demo version, I'm not sure if my opinion would be different, though. I'm thinking it's pretty safe to assume that she's gonna do this song on tour, right? I'm sure I will fall in love with the album version (if the performance is based on it) after we see/hear it live. Maybe she should've kept the "rebeeel hea-ah-ah-ah-rt" vocoded part with the final version... no? I think that's
  13. You'll See premiered 10 days after it was shot!
  14. Lucky Star Like A Virgin Open Your Heart Like A Prayer Erotica Human Nature Drowned World/Substitute For Love Music Nobody Knows Me Hung Up Give It 2 Me Gang Bang Living For Love
  15. B-Day Song is better than anything that freak has ever released.
  16. No really, since pretty much all of my 20s are based on bad relationship experiences and a lot of heartbreak, at the top of my head I can relate a lot to Across The Sky. I know it's weird to pick an unreleased song, but these lyrics: I’m no stranger to deception I have lied and been lied to I’m no paragon of virtue I have never been a righteous soul And I don’t pretend I am Damn. Also, Living For Love was written pretty much about me, in case you didn't know.
  17. I wonder how the guy that was arrested feels... Before the leak: o After the leak: O Is he really in jail?
  18. Ooohh I like that as well! I wonder if the JOA segment could also be the Apocalyptic segment!
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