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  1. If she takes the Batukadeiras on tour, surely she'll do Batuka, duh
  2. Her future actions contradicted her statement (COADF, 4 Minutes).
  3. This might just be my favorite track off MX.
  4. I can see Madame X playing a brothel owner and test driving her boytoys.
  5. Not sure she'd been able to handle the twins had she been depressed.
  6. is she wearing a fucking diaper or what?
  7. The money go to Benefica and Mercy piano lessons and ugly jammies
  8. add Batuka and Faz Gostoso to the list (when they're out)
  9. The non-single tracks hold more weight towards streams-album sales conversion
  10. More like a well positioned spokesperson for dihareea.
  11. I know, bur her face expression looks so clenched
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