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  1. She died for Trump. Absolutely useless death. She should have known better, but didn't.
  2. Seriously, the National Guard couldn't handle these hillbillies?
  3. I'm positive Trump will be prosecuted for instigating this interference and his party fellow men will abandon him as fast as they can.
  4. He could have taken his shirt off to flaunt his 6-pack
  5. Why is the National Guard sleeping? Why aren't these protesters stopped? This can create a very well dangerous precedent.
  6. Reminds me of 9/11, when American radio banned songs from airplay that had lyrics about plane crashes, like Alanis's Ironic
  7. Radio will not touch her songs, regardless how catchy and good are they. Make peace with it.
  8. Russians have bigger fish to fry than eliminate LGBT people. That country is going down the shits at an alarming pace with increasing poverty rates and disproportionate inequalities between regions.
  9. 1 year ago we all took a TRIP 
  10. She could've squeezed in the Mirwais produced version of Keep The Trance on COADF between Future Lovers and ILNY. What a wasted opportunity
  11. For DB, after the Tchaikovsky breakdown, i expected the song to pick up in a way similar to the Nobody Knows Me instrumental outro part, but with more punch and drama.
  12. Indeed. EO should have replaced this on the regular version
  13. Iranians have just confirmed that they shot down the airplane unintentionally
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