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  1. yes, she wanted to release it, but i believe Motown was against it since i believe they wanted the focus to be solely on the tribute album and not STR.
  2. Gosh, that song was a snooze-fest to listen to in the mid-90s.
  3. I love this album. This may just be my 2nd favorite next to Ultraviolence. 13 Beaches, Groupie Love and Beautiful People/Problems have to be released as videos.
  4. Agree! This is such sloppy effort on DJ Khaled's part to make some money. I can't with this generation of so-called DJs
  5. it peaked at nr. 64 or 66 Billboard is totally irrelevant today
  6. it already has a video
  7. Lutz had helped Madonna move out of her Miami home in the 1990s and a box of the pop star’s possessions ended up in the then-pal’s Queens storage facility. Lutz’s attorney, Judd Grossman, argued that Madonna’s suit came too late as the statute of limitations for theft ran out “20 years ago.” Grossman urged the judge not to make an exception “because Madonna has so many items that she can’t keep track of them.” Judge Lebovitz took Grossman’s point. “How can there be a separate rule for somebody who has lots of possessions and someone who doesn’t?” Lebovitz asked. The parties are returning to court Thursday afternoon for continued argument and a ruling whether the auction can proceed.
  8. it's safe to assume that she'll go into hibernation mode till December 2017
  9. let's not get fooled. M was a piece of work even back then. I mean, she was the insufferable spoiled driven lil' brat
  10. The production is so trippy. Reminds me of some AIR tracks.
  11. one sweet day topped hot 100 for 16 weeks