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  1. It's such a pity the demo version didn't make the final cut and got butchered by Michael Diamond & Dj Dahi
  2. In no order: BIM (diplo mix) Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Living for Love
  3. Which demo are we talking about, the one that first leaked in 2014 or the one from 2015?
  4. YES! I secretly wish AL sounded similiar to the Avicii produced demos for RH.
  5. don't get your hopes up too much! I bet there won't be a 4th single
  6. Living for Love
  7. It's gonna be either Devil Pray or Joan of Arc, although i'd prefer Holy Water
  8. i hope it's not Wednesday 9 AM Pacific time
  9. Butch I'm Madonna video thread anticipation! the thread title though
  10. she'll move the video release to january 2016, just like the first 4 US tour dates