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  1. Beyoncé Thread

    they're testing waters. they're afraid it won't sell.
  2. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Is my tampon sliding out?
  3. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    watch these videos and see which products relate to your son's skin condition. By the way, the COSRX korean brand has some good anti-acne products, but still watch the videos below. I use these 2 web-stores to purchase the skincare products: www.jolse.com and ibuybeauti.com
  4. A lot of her visual aesthetics have been compared to Madonna. As her creative director what are your thoughts on that? Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I did it on purpose, and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can. And that’s what I represent, that’s what Gags represents. That’s what this movement represents. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2011/05/laurieann-gibson-puts-lady-gaga-and-other-stars-in-step.html
  5. i have no respect for Gibson. She admitted that it was her intention to replicate Madonna's image and style and she said that it made sense and ok for her to do it. She should just shut up about her creative input and artistry, cause it's artistically flawed.
  6. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    she knows her target audience so well
  7. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    It all depends on your skin type. I can recommend some brands that worked for me: COSRX, Mizon, The Face Shop, Benton, Innisfree, nature republic. Sure there're much more expensive brands, but it's a matter of choice. South-koreans have a lot of snail-based products, which are targeted towards acne-prone/blemish prone skin and acne scarred skin. I'd recommend as well the essence ampoule products which come in 30 ml bottles. Another great product is the sleeping pack (night cream), which you can choose according to your skincare or skin condition. I can recommend as well the the eye creams, the serums and face masks (which are cheap, but their effects last for 2-3 days). before purchasing anything, you can go on youtube and checkout the reviews for certain products, which i always did.
  8. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    i discovered south korean skincare early this year and it's done wonders to my skin. MDNA Skin will have to wait.
  9. she's giving me Carlos Leon in drag
  10. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    that's how M pictures herself after using her MDNA skincare
  11. seriously, is she having a cognitive impairment? makes me wanna punch her