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  1. little monsters life-coping skills are non-existent
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    He was the unapologetic bitch during the Zurich show.
  3. this is what happens when you mix coke with bottox
  4. Was the MDNA Tour.....

    MDNA was glorious and fierce and had the best closing number, imho.
  5. Was the MDNA Tour.....

    The only good things about it were Future Lovers and Disco Inferno. The rest was just meh...
  6. Where Was Madonna In 1988?

    and screwing John John
  7. oh dear. This is so tragic...getting all chocked up about an AMA. Guess there's not much goin' on in her life
  8. I'm shocked there are so many photo sheets leaking. If only she could make an inventory of photo outtakes collecting dust in her vault and release them as one of a kind coffee tables through ICON. The business opportunities are huge
  9. that's because his attitude eclipses his work
  10. Think it was the BAT pre-show playlist
  11. So many nudes, and, boy, was she thin AF!!!