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  1. Did the gays took over FOX?
  2. You aged so bad Just like stinky cheese
  3. Youtube/ Spotify killed the superstar...not that it's on the wane already, but these days every basic Joe that is talented can be famous for 15 minutes. The exposure that these platforms provide, makes it hard for this generation's up and coming artists to be developed/ harvested. The focus span is so little and the list of hot-shots is overwhelming.
  4. i think as well Debbie hasn't been age-shamed as much as Madonna was; so in that respect, i don't think she can relate that much to this issue.
  5. more like having a good dermatologist
  6. My 2nd favorite tour! So much energy and fun! Especially the La isla bonita and Holiday banters. From can can to push ups ... it was full of shenanigans and good laughs.
  7. WB should have released WISH instead of Bad Girl. It would have done wonders.
  8. Yes, as result of the the general public perception of her age. LFL was a decent lead single choice and could've been a top 10 hit, but it didn't. You have to admit that there is this collective pepetuated discontent/ anger that she's still active and creative and expectation that she needs to retire because of her age. I think that plays as well into why the public is snubbing her music.
  9. Exactly! Madonna, sadly, is a non-entity in the streaming world. Just look how many streams the RH album garnered, as well its officially released singles. I truly think that the media's constant reiteration of her age shaming is what repels the general public from purchasing her music,
  10. anybody remembers the radio payola for LFL and Ghosttown? It was cute, but didn't help much in the long run.