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  1. Seriously, the music industry pushes a bunch of Rihanna sound-alike clones like Bebe, Zara Larsson. It's no longer funny, but desperate and these girls are awfully dumb to have got caught up in this mess
  2. She is always looking wasted or medicated and you expect her remember things? I bet she blacks out on the regular after a food orgy.
  3. her thighs are HUGE!!! They lied when they said that the camera adds 10 pounds, more like 20.
  4. thirsty for money. she'll do any 2nd rate event
  5. What a demagogue! I honestly CAN'T!!!
  6. what a warholian reverse experience
  7. no, it's not. life goes on
  8. Gutted by her UK chart performance
  9. the DESPERATION! Was the Cure playing in the background? Next time she will be cleaning public WCs and wiping asses for a good cause.