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  1. Haha yes the caller was from Toronto. I was very glad you made that call. Someone had to put that guy in his place. I missed the part of the show where they were discussing Madonna. What was that about?
  2. I hope she never goes on WWHL. Last week on Andy's radio show a caller asked him about his bitchy attitude towards Madonna. Andy responded by basically saying that feels she owes him to come on his show as he's been a huge supporter of hers. He also said that he's been trying to get her on wwhl for years but that she just doesn't want to do it. It must be killing him to see Madonna with his best buddies Anderson and Kelly. That same caller told Andy that Madonna probably doesn't appreciate digs he throws at her when he's hosting his show with Sandra Bernhard. Madonna needs to stay away from this two faced clown.
  3. Madonna Mania

    You are welcome. I hope she comments on it.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=69&v=qnsP6cKnmiI
  5. British woman was staying for free at the Nepalese woman house. That's why she went crazy on her cheap british ass plus the fact that it's not easy to get supplies in the area where they live.
  6. So what do you guys think about this project then? https://www.instagram.com/emmyandthebreakfastclub/
  7. Madonna's career of selling sex harms "how women are forever looked at". https://www.forbes.com/sites/russespinoza/2017/04/13/sheryl-crow-madonnas-career-of-selling-sex-harms-how-women-are-forever-looked-at/#255857246463
  8. What went wrong in the UK?

    This a million times!!!! Is there any other artist in their 50s being played on top 40 radio? I don't think so.
  9. Urgh even breitbar uploaded the video on their site.
  10. BOGO Lionel Ritchie & Mariah Carey Concert Tickets Save 50% (BOGO) on the Lionel Ritchie: All The Hits With Very Special Guest Mariah Carey concert in Toronto on March 30th or in Vancouver on April 27th. No code required, expires Valentine's Day. Deal Link: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/promo/kknfc1 ... cen_ca_lr1
  11. Local morning news show reported on it which I've never seen them do before. They actually reported on it before any other news and said she is the most famous guest he's ever had.