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  1. BOGO Lionel Ritchie & Mariah Carey Concert Tickets Save 50% (BOGO) on the Lionel Ritchie: All The Hits With Very Special Guest Mariah Carey concert in Toronto on March 30th or in Vancouver on April 27th. No code required, expires Valentine's Day. Deal Link: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/promo/kknfc1 ... cen_ca_lr1
  2. Canadian citizenship and immigration website crashed.
  3. Apparently Hillary is on her way for a midnight rally with Lady Gaga.
  4. http://www.citynews.ca/2016/10/27/mariah-carey-coming-toronto-next-week-source/ She can be booked now to open display windows. Poor thing.
  5. Love this girl. She is a breath of fresh air.
  6. Wow that was fantastic!
  7. Nikola stay strong. This world needs more people like you. I hope you'll recover soon from that ordeal.
  8. Horrifying!!! Two girls at work were crying watching that video today.
  9. That is exactly how I felt watching her.
  10. Watch her release a new song tomorrow to try and overshadow this scandal.
  11. The stadium in Edmonton was about 2/3 full but it was reported as sold out. There were many empty seats in every section but the floor.
  12. Sounds like Meghan Trainor song.
  13. This!! Would they allow me to advertise atheism in the church?? I don't think so.
  14. As much as I dislike her she'll be prominently featured in the pop culture for years to come.
  15. I'm afraid that she'll be around for years to come. She'll never release anything else but safe pop music. No way will she do anything artistic and risky that could endanger her popularity with general public.