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  1. I love God Control better than Medellin. However, I like Medellin as first single. It is a great piece to represent Madame X as her world music album and all the latin influences. Everything Madonna did in the Madame X era was very very well thought and built. There is a statement from beginning to end. For me, the best era, the best videos, the best tour since Confessions. She gave me something I was not expecting after HC, MDNA and RH, this last one a real mess in my opinion. Love Madonna when she does not give a shit, love her when she follows her crazy instincts and gives her heart. Me too, I expect her to get even more extreme for the next album and tour.
  2. I’m still very much in love with Madame X. For me, the album has such a natural and enjoyable flow, such as Ray of Light or Confessions. Most of the lyrics are deep and complex. Music is rich, diverse but still with a lot of coherence as a whole. I think this is what missed in RH and MDNA, where the songs just seemed to be carelessly placed. Personally, I stopped listening to RH two weeks after its release and I am still listening to Madame X a lot.
  3. Great video! Simple but with a great message! Loving this era.
  4. Madame X - Flawless. The best of this decade. Dark, conceptual and with a lot of personality Hard Candy - Not a big fan, but songs makes sense together MDNA - The idea to work EDM was cool, but it should have had 10 songs. A lot of ups and downs throughout the album Rebel Heart - My least favorite since ROL. 200 producers going to different directions. RH is a hot mess with very few great songs, in my opinion.
  5. Just found the entire TV Globo interview in English. https://globoplay.globo.com/v/7699424/
  6. Madonna recorded a message to Brazilian fans asking opinions on Faz Gostoso. For some reason, it was posted by Brazilian actor Paulo Gustavo.
  7. Just saw the interview..she doesn't seem to think of a video. The journalist asked how much she would need for it and she said 300 thousand USD would be fine. Let's start a crowdfunding . Anitta also recorded a video message for her.
  8. From the first IG video, I was very curious about that song. From all songs of Madame X, I think this one is possibly the most personal. What I got from the lyrics and interviews, she is remembering all the shit she suffered throughout her career for speaking her mind with everyone saying she was crazy, a whore, even the devil (in the Erotica era). She felt lost at the time, but in the end she realised she was not, she was just expressing herself. Guess it has a lot to do with her billboard speech. Madonna Woman of The Year Full Speech
  9. I am still not feeling this song. The ending is very strong, dramatic and beautiful, makes me think of bittersweet symphony, but I feel like the rest is a little dull. Had the same feelings about body shop, which I aways skip when I listen to RH. Hope CA will grow on the next days.
  10. For me, Madame X stands with Erotica, American Life and Music as a very, strong and iconic album. Not same level as Confessions, Ray of Light or Like a Prayer.
  11. Favorites: God Control, Killers, Extreme Occident and Faz Gostoso Least favorites: Crave, Come Alive and Looking for Mercy But to be fair, I have to say I like my least favorite from this album better than my favorite from Rebel Heart.
  12. last night I went to this big club in Sao Paulo. When Faz Gostoso was played, the building came down. Don't think she will make a video
  13. Possible the best song of the album. Masterpiece. Brings me Confessions vibes.
  14. Very beautiful. Love the fado vibes. Reminds me os American Life a little.
  15. Faz Gostoso is #3 on iTunes and YouTube's trending videos in Brazil. The two versions of Madame X are both on top.
  16. I bet Faz Gostoso will be huge in Brazil. Medellín did not make such an impact. Brazil is not very opened to songs sung in Spanish. Crave and Faz Gostoso have more chances.
  17. So so good to hear an album that flows and that is very easy to listen to. MDNA and Rebel Heart have parts that are hard to listen to. Loved Extreme Occident, Killers, Crazy and God Control. I am Brazilian...needless to say Faz Gostoso is the best part of the album for me.
  18. Waiting here too! Can’t control anxiety but I have waited for years. Can wait additional 4 days.
  19. No, actually Sao Paulo’s pride is next week. Anitta played last year but this year she will not be there. For sure it is going to be a hit in Brazil!
  20. such a beautiful video. full of metaphors and a very necessary message.
  21. For me it is pure art. It does not feel pretentious, coming from her. We know where she is coming from. She did Like a Prayer. For me, the song is very necessary at this moment.
  22. True.She always comes here in the summer, but is always like this.
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