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  1. I love God Control better than Medellin. However, I like Medellin as first single. It is a great piece to represent Madame X as her world music album and all the latin influences. Everything Madonna did in the Madame X era was very very well thought and built. There is a statement from beginning to end. For me, the best era, the best videos, the best tour since Confessions. She gave me something I was not expecting after HC, MDNA and RH, this last one a real mess in my opinion. Love Madonna when she does not give a shit, love her when she follows her crazy instincts and gives her heart. Me too, I expect her to get even more extreme for the next album and tour.
  2. I’m still very much in love with Madame X. For me, the album has such a natural and enjoyable flow, such as Ray of Light or Confessions. Most of the lyrics are deep and complex. Music is rich, diverse but still with a lot of coherence as a whole. I think this is what missed in RH and MDNA, where the songs just seemed to be carelessly placed. Personally, I stopped listening to RH two weeks after its release and I am still listening to Madame X a lot.
  3. Great video! Simple but with a great message! Loving this era.
  4. Madame X - Flawless. The best of this decade. Dark, conceptual and with a lot of personality Hard Candy - Not a big fan, but songs makes sense together MDNA - The idea to work EDM was cool, but it should have had 10 songs. A lot of ups and downs throughout the album Rebel Heart - My least favorite since ROL. 200 producers going to different directions. RH is a hot mess with very few great songs, in my opinion.
  5. Just found the entire TV Globo interview in English. https://globoplay.globo.com/v/7699424/
  6. Madonna recorded a message to Brazilian fans asking opinions on Faz Gostoso. For some reason, it was posted by Brazilian actor Paulo Gustavo.
  7. Just saw the interview..she doesn't seem to think of a video. The journalist asked how much she would need for it and she said 300 thousand USD would be fine. Let's start a crowdfunding . Anitta also recorded a video message for her.
  8. From the first IG video, I was very curious about that song. From all songs of Madame X, I think this one is possibly the most personal. What I got from the lyrics and interviews, she is remembering all the shit she suffered throughout her career for speaking her mind with everyone saying she was crazy, a whore, even the devil (in the Erotica era). She felt lost at the time, but in the end she realised she was not, she was just expressing herself. Guess it has a lot to do with her billboard speech. Madonna Woman of The Year Full Speech
  9. I am still not feeling this song. The ending is very strong, dramatic and beautiful, makes me think of bittersweet symphony, but I feel like the rest is a little dull. Had the same feelings about body shop, which I aways skip when I listen to RH. Hope CA will grow on the next days.
  10. For me, Madame X stands with Erotica, American Life and Music as a very, strong and iconic album. Not same level as Confessions, Ray of Light or Like a Prayer.
  11. Favorites: God Control, Killers, Extreme Occident and Faz Gostoso Least favorites: Crave, Come Alive and Looking for Mercy But to be fair, I have to say I like my least favorite from this album better than my favorite from Rebel Heart.
  12. last night I went to this big club in Sao Paulo. When Faz Gostoso was played, the building came down. Don't think she will make a video
  13. Possible the best song of the album. Masterpiece. Brings me Confessions vibes.
  14. Very beautiful. Love the fado vibes. Reminds me os American Life a little.
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