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  1. Def one of the highlights of the album for me. Bridgedonna Has anyone noticed the similarity between the opening and.. 0:48
  2. God knows this topic has been discussed a million times, but I think the hatred for Madonna boils down to the fact that she's stayed more or less consistently successful for thirty years. The 'build them up and knock them down' thing has never really stuck with M. She's had periods where she sold fewer albums or was less successful critically, only to come back bigger and better. Another thing is that she's never really fallen off the wagon in her personal life. That's to say she's never had a drug problem, a drinking problem, gotten a DUI, gotten fat, or any of those other things celebs do in their personal lives that make them easy targets. She's got incredible self discipline and a good head on her shoulders. And people hate it. The next time you read or hear some hateful comment about M, pay attention to what the person is saying. Chances are they're saying something about her age, or her veiny hands. Seriously. Those are the only two cards they have to play, because they have to reach and reach to find something nasty to say about her. It's all par for the course as a Madonna fan. But the arguments against her just keep getting weaker and weaker as she inches towards 35 years on top.
  3. I'm super late but M was GREAT! The 'up up up' breakdown when she took off the jacket and smiled made me feel faint, she looked sooooo good! Then she strays from the choreo and shakes out her hair! It's rare to see her so spontaneous and smiley during an award show/live tv performance. For fucks sake though WHYYY was that shoulder-piece not secured to the jacket? It was very large and hanging right in front of her, so I think it's absolutely the reason she was a bit restrained at first. If she had moved around too much it would have swung and hit her right in the face, I think it nearly did a few times. Hope she fucking busts Riccardo Tisci's balls for that. Only other complaint is due to the idiots in the control room cutting to a long shot, then to the backup singers, when M did the last dance break. She was finally sans jacket and able to let loose a little but we didn't get a great view of it. All in all AMAZING and the general public is being less nasty and cunty than usual and admitting that she did a good job, lots of family and non-fan friends of mine and were texting me last night saying how great she was!!!
  4. OMG it is! And the chorus kinda has shades of Lay All Your Love On Me.
  5. The breakdown with just the guitars and her super deep vocals then the chorus explodes!!!
  6. With the sluggish verses tweaked a little, Addicted/The One That Got Away would be clear cut first single material and her biggest hit since Hung Up for sure! Seriously don't know why this one isn't getting more attention
  7. These are just !!! And this is the first shoot in years where every sinew and vein and knuckle hasn't been eradicated with Photoshop. Also love that she absconded with like a quarter of the wardrobe to wear to the black ball and the innovator award thing
  8. It's amazing to me how relatively few of these early TV appearances are out there, particularly European ones. 82-84 was maybe the most TV promo M ever did, and so much of what we have is either incomplete, poor quality, or practically unseen like this one.
  9. Even more interesting than the JML sample (didn't realize that myself til just now), someone in a YT comment pointed out that the "break my heart / don't break my heart" lyric that's repeated near the end is taken from the outro of Nick Kamen's recording of Each Time You Break My Heart Maybe common knowledge but I only just found out. Begs the question why was she listening to True Blue rejects while recording Erotica though?
  10. ..Whether it's her music, videos, performances etc In the Material Girl video, she walks down the line of men and slaps one of them with her fan, and there's an audible slap sound. I would've assumed that this was dubbed into the video, but of course the slap is present in the song itself. I can't think why, unless M knew as far back as the recording sessions that she wanted to hit someone with a fan in the yet unmade video, and requested that Nile add in a sound effect? In this Burning Up demo from the first album sessions, the mic picks up the sound of her earrings or her bracelets jingling around At 0:41 and especially 1:26 Much has been made of the mole; but has anyone ever noticed the little bump she used to have on the right side of her face, right along her laugh line? I've never seen it mentioned. I guess she had it removed at some point, but it was still there as late as BOE:
  11. "Baby on your own" at 2:56. On the album version this part is sung by a man, possibly with Madonna's voice mixed in very very low. Here she's solo. And although they aren't alternates, please note the glorious (almost acapella) second verse vocals
  12. Do we know for certain how often she does, or whether she's ever done it habitually? Seems as though she's the type to smoke 'socially' when she's drinking. Aside from that it's just for the look, like the Bad Girl single cover..Which reminds me, post pics! She looks amazing with a cig
  13. I LOVE the story behind this performance and how one so rife with malfunctions and flubs could still turn out to be perhaps the best she's ever given. Her rehearsal time was at least disturbed, and probably cut short because of someone falling into the orchestra pit. "She's just lying there, can't we just do this?" The microphone was supposed to either come up with her on her platform or rise simultaneously on another platform, and at the last minute that was scrapped. Then towards the end she loses the earring and it gets caught in her hair. You can really tell that she's just so over it when she plucks it out and tosses it. And that was immediately followed by one of the fox tails from her wrap coming detached and ending up on the steps. We all know Madonna doesn't suffer technical problems and the like gladly, so for her to give such an amazing performance thru all that really is remarkable
  14. These are from the bells and cabasa track in the multitrack. Buried under lots of fuzz. YOU MUST BE MY LUCKY [vibratooflife]STAAAAAAH[/vibratooflife] CAUSE U SHYYY-EEN on ME WHERE...UUEEEVER U ARE
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