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  1. Def one of the highlights of the album for me. Bridgedonna Has anyone noticed the similarity between the opening and.. 0:48
  2. I'm super late but M was GREAT! The 'up up up' breakdown when she took off the jacket and smiled made me feel faint, she looked sooooo good! Then she strays from the choreo and shakes out her hair! It's rare to see her so spontaneous and smiley during an award show/live tv performance. For fucks sake though WHYYY was that shoulder-piece not secured to the jacket? It was very large and hanging right in front of her, so I think it's absolutely the reason she was a bit restrained at first. If she had moved around too much it would have swung and hit her right in the face, I think it nearly did a few times. Hope she fucking busts Riccardo Tisci's balls for that. Only other complaint is due to the idiots in the control room cutting to a long shot, then to the backup singers, when M did the last dance break. She was finally sans jacket and able to let loose a little but we didn't get a great view of it. All in all AMAZING and the general public is being less nasty and cunty than usual and admitting that she did a good job, lots of family and non-fan friends of mine and were texting me last night saying how great she was!!!
  3. OMG it is! And the chorus kinda has shades of Lay All Your Love On Me.
  4. The breakdown with just the guitars and her super deep vocals then the chorus explodes!!!
  5. With the sluggish verses tweaked a little, Addicted/The One That Got Away would be clear cut first single material and her biggest hit since Hung Up for sure! Seriously don't know why this one isn't getting more attention
  6. That blingee.com "WORLD PEACE" at the end still gives me the 's
  7. Did anyone else spot the body double towards the end?
  8. Does anyone have a download link for the video? Vevo is hopeless.
  9. It seems like Madonna is so universally hated online, so it's refreshing to see these videos and see how excited everyone is to see her, not just the fans but all the passers by too. Anyway, she looks gorgeous, strikingly similar to the 1991 pics with Tony Ward
  10. "That's my blood in your Dixie cup" THE WORST
  11. This is so stupid, I can't believe Madonna would have anything to do with it
  12. God that sequence with the rotating platform NEEDED more screen time, you know the yoga shit with the wall was M's idea
  13. I knew from the first time I listened to the demo that it would be my favorite. It's so unabashedly pop but with a distinctly melancholic overtone, just FLAWLESS Do you see it as the album's third single?
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