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  1. Def one of the highlights of the album for me. Bridgedonna Has anyone noticed the similarity between the opening and.. 0:48
  2. I'm super late but M was GREAT! The 'up up up' breakdown when she took off the jacket and smiled made me feel faint, she looked sooooo good! Then she strays from the choreo and shakes out her hair! It's rare to see her so spontaneous and smiley during an award show/live tv performance. For fucks sake though WHYYY was that shoulder-piece not secured to the jacket? It was very large and hanging right in front of her, so I think it's absolutely the reason she was a bit restrained at first. If she had moved around too much it would have swung and hit her right in the face, I think it nearly did a few times. Hope she fucking busts Riccardo Tisci's balls for that. Only other complaint is due to the idiots in the control room cutting to a long shot, then to the backup singers, when M did the last dance break. She was finally sans jacket and able to let loose a little but we didn't get a great view of it. All in all AMAZING and the general public is being less nasty and cunty than usual and admitting that she did a good job, lots of family and non-fan friends of mine and were texting me last night saying how great she was!!!
  3. OMG it is! And the chorus kinda has shades of Lay All Your Love On Me.
  4. The breakdown with just the guitars and her super deep vocals then the chorus explodes!!!
  5. With the sluggish verses tweaked a little, Addicted/The One That Got Away would be clear cut first single material and her biggest hit since Hung Up for sure! Seriously don't know why this one isn't getting more attention
  6. EFMT

    MDNA fuck ups

    She got caught lip synching GGW several times, aside from the ones in those videos. She often moves the mic away from her mouth too quickly before the chorus. I think most people knew or didn't notice/care though. I'm glad she mimed it, a song like GGW would have been crow city had she sung it live.
  7. EFMT

    The DVD

    I mean the fact that they were a gift from LMFAO should be enough to persuade you that they're tawdry and in bad taste..
  8. EFMT

    The DVD

    Some dick in another topic complained that the original Transgression pants were "mom jeans" because they were high rise, but the high waisted pants were essential to the whole Tura Satana look. They made sense. The wardrobe dpt could possibly have had an identical pair made, maybe in a shinier/darker fabric that would have read better on film, but to change the pants entirely was a mistake. So now we're stuck with cheap polyurethane faux leather Forever 21 leggings with tacky fake zippers.
  9. I might be super late, this may have already been established..But I remember that when Madonna appeared at the beginning of GGW, I had this sensation of smelling a woman's perfume. Was it just some kind of sensory overload nasal spasm at having seen my QUEEN in the flesh for the first time, or were they piping out Truth or Dare scented fumes from the thurible? More genius NON TRADITIONAL promo?
  10. Yeah it's not the texture that looks bad. I can definitely see how they might read better on the screen..It's just the jegging/legging quality of them and the super tacky zippers. I hate zippers/buttons/snaps/laces on clothes that are purely ornamental and serve no purpose.
  11. I can't believe the definitive GGW performance will feature those awful Topshop leggings.
  12. EFMT

    Gang Bang - Pro Shot

    This was the Monday night show at MSG, still can't believe I was there!
  13. EFMT

    NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I just walked in my door, the show was amazing! My first time seeing M live or seeing her in person period, and the feeling I got when I saw her silhouette in the confessions booth was sooooo crazy! I swear this scent of a woman's perfume filled my nostrils as soon as she appeared, it was the weirdest thing, like all my senses were sharpened or something..And then when she jumped backwards into the dancers' arms during GGW I nearly fainted. The speech tonight seemed longer than ever but was sincere, although there were numerous sneers from disgruntled husbands who had apparently been dragged to the show by their wives. Maybe 20 or so people left after Gang Bang..M missed her cue during Masterpiece but they all pulled it together nicely. And the pants came all the way off during Human Nature, the tits and the ASS are 100x better in real life! And her VOICE sounded incredible, there were almost no instances of crow vox..I feel like this is just a gigantic word vomit mess but I'm just trying to get everything down while it's still fresh in my mind.
  14. EFMT

    The MDNA Tour pictures thread

    I know this is incredibly trivial but does anyone else think they should do away with this hairstyle? It always looks messy, and in the Gaultier sketches M has her hair down and it looks great with the corset and trousers. If anything it would save time backstage.