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  2. yessss!!!! I am loving all these official tracks!!! Living for Love is giving me Deeper and Deeper. Love love love
  3. Juliana


    It's one of the best songs from MDNA, and the ending. woah! Appreciate here.
  4. Juliana

    Fillers on MDNA?

    Some Girls.
  5. Juliana

    Celebration 4 LP set arrived today!

    will receive mine too today! yay for christmas! yay for amazon!
  6. Juliana

    Jesus in GQ Italia - August Edition

    He is so fucking sexy. Excuse my language guys.
  7. Juliana

    Your Top 5 Madonna Songs Right Now!

    Like a prayer (feels like home remix) s&s tour celebration get together burning up borderline
  8. Juliana

    What's Madonna's Best Ever Album?

    see my signature!!!! in order Madonna/The First Album Ray of Light Like A Prayer Confessions on a dance floor American life Erotica Music Bedtime Stories Like A Virgin Hard Candy True Blue Im Breathless
  9. Juliana


    The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.The link you have clicked is not available.
  10. Juliana

    A "Celebration" Of Madonna Music (Part 2)

    seems too good to be true. gosh!!! all the hype! it all gets me sooo excited
  11. Juliana

    A "Celebration" Of Madonna Music (Part 2)

    hrmmm now I wonder that must be a fake. Cause I thought we're having "Everybody".
  12. Juliana

    A "Celebration" Of Madonna Music (Part 2)

    4 minutes track 2 from disc 1 right??!?
  13. Like A Prayer left me speechless! I just love it!
  14. I seriously had goosebumps while she was performing Dont cry for me Argentina, and what a weird thing is, I shed a tear. sooo lovely
  15. le la le la le la le la pa la tu te
  16. Juliana

    GHV2 Special Edition for $5 at Wal-Mart!

    i saw Like A Virgin remastered for 5 bucks too. Never saw the ghv2 limited edition though which i wanna get
  17. thanks so much dear

  18. i dunno if these dates are confirmed. *July 1st - Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland *July 4th 2009 - The O2 Arena, London, England *July 5th 2009 - The O2 Arena, London, England *July 11th 2009 - Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland *July 14th 2009 - Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden *July 16th 2009 - Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark *July 20th 2009 - Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia *July 23rd 2009 - Strahov Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic *July 25th 2009 - Bercy Arena, Paris, France *July 28th 2009 - The O2, Berlin, Germany *August 1st 2009 - Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland *August 3rd 2009 - Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway *August 6th 2009 - Stadium Puskas Ferenc, Budapest, Hungary *August 8th 2009 - San Siro, Milan, Italy *August 10th 2009 - Stade Gerland, Lyon, France *August 13th 2009 - Palacio de Deportes, Madrid, Spain *August 15th 2009 - Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain *August 18th 2009 - Stade de Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland *August 20th 2009 - Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany *August 23rd 2009 - Maksimir Stadium, Zagreb, Croatia *August 26th 2009 - Usce Park, Belgrade, Serbia *August 29th 2009 - Lia Manoliu Stadium, Bucharest, Romania *September 1st 2009 - Peace and Friendship Stadium, Faliro, Greece *September 5th 2009 - Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey *September 12th 2009 - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan *September 15th 2009 - Kyocera Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan *September 24th 2009 - Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Australia *September 26th 2009 - ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia *September 29th 2009 - Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia *October 3rd 2009 - Subiaco Oval, Perth, Australia