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  1. Faves: I Don't Search I Find Faz Gostoso and God Control This record is brilliant! Can't get enough!
  2. Yes!!! She's coming to my city! I am glad I waited and didn't buy tickets or made travel plans just yet! woot!!!
  3. yessss!!!! I am loving all these official tracks!!! Living for Love is giving me Deeper and Deeper. Love love love
  4. Happy Birthday girl!

  5. Im gunna be in the golden triangle pit baby!!!! I'll see you guys there!!!
  6. I woke up and Baaaam! I got in! See you there tomorrow night! Golden triangle bitches!!!!! Hope to meet all of you!
  7. OMG I know me too. I am in a state of panic. haha
  8. So do we have winners already? *crossing my fingers*
  9. Can you imagine? only 25? Well I hope Im gunna be blessed with luck. Ive been a very good girl anyway. lol Or else Ima bombard Guy Oseary's twitter with begging tweets haha.
  10. She played the Forum as well as Dodgers Stadium, even went to Orange County and San Diego for the past tours but this time around, just Staples Center.
  11. Hopefully we will be able to be in the PIT. That's my ultimate Madonna fan dream! My gosh, I am super excited!
  12. I entered but still no email. Im getting worried!!! My tattoo's beautiful!!! lol
  13. It's one of the best songs from MDNA, and the ending. woah! Appreciate here.
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