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  1. Still no clear vinyl and t shirt from the uk store every time I email they say it will go our Friday ...every week
  2. So on Twitter it says “a little respect “ please be the erasure one
  3. I just can’t shes still doing shit like this and it’s fucking amazing THIS IS WHY I WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ADORE
  4. I’m not nervous . If it’s gets kick back from the keyboard warrior etc at least it’s provoking debate . Did childish gambino get hassle for his video ?
  5. Yeah that Alexandra palace thing seemed weird . That kinda makes sense . A shame really because it would have done wonders . Go to itv itv or channel 4 next time
  6. Erotica was number two and it’s my favourite album ever
  7. Oh I get my whole team onto madonna the reality is even the young ones think she’s amazing
  8. Um...I was sticking up for her so no need
  9. Still a lot of casual fans aren’t even aware of Medellin or the album. People older (like my friends ) don’t really stream or download or watch music channels. They would rely on a performance on a prime time show or something . And that failed
  10. And she was off her nut on painkillers . God knows what she’s on now
  11. Not surprising . A couple of interviews on The One Show and Graham Norton with no performance wasn’t gonna help. No airplay really. Its a sad state of affairs. It gets to a point where friends head Medellin and weren’t even aware of it but they love it . She needed a full on blitz. There's just not the exposure
  12. Maybe she should have done some performances somewhere
  13. So the madonna store online orders are counted in those stats then?
  14. Hahaha “I was thinking of going way back in time ..” ”where to 2015? Listen you perform what we say or we will tell Joan that Paula is allowed to use that car you bought her for errands ..”
  15. I love us all kicking off I so hope it wrong but I hold out little help
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