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  1. One of my best friends from school works or worked for Russia Today he did that show THE TRUTHSEEKER he even did a show about lip syncing with a lot of M references the cheeky git anyway half of what he spouts doesn't seem like him
  2. I'm still still still convinced this is basically Trump doing all this then turning round goin "you morons will buy anything" I hope
  3. I tell you this best be sorted out when I got to the states next year.
  4. So Anyway Duty free booze and cigs are back yes?
  5. So does this mean now if I go to Europe I can get cheap duty free booze and cigarettes?
  6. If remain wins I'm taking myself off Facebook I can't cope with all the "it's a fix I didn't take a pen" shit
  7. no but I shall make a note when I go back in April!
  8. I despair . I had a rant at someone at work going on about the "migrants" Bare in mind I live near Dover where there are riots every weekend with right wing and left wing protestors . Anyway they were saying about all these migrants. I asked where they were? Yes we have a high rate of polish people here but like I said without them who the fuck would deliver their Just Eat takeaways of an evening . It's all been blurred with this loony fascist undertones . I still intend to retire to Orlando when I'm 50 . *gets deported by Trump due to foreign name and face*
  9. I'm so tired of all of This and listening to the idiots at work moaning about migrants and things . I blame social media and the daily mail. People just believe anything. I remember there was a meme and it had that professor from the first Harry Potter film with the turban and someone said "this is Ali Muhammed a migrant who has come over here and lives in a 28 million pound house and claims benefits " The amount of people who believed it was unreal . Anyway. Wake me up when this is over .
  10. We have a lot of gun amnestys around here. It's mostly old people who keep shotguns and things. Happened after a local ex councillor and friends grandfather was brutally murdered up the road and his Guns stolen and when they caught the guy after attempting to rob another rich old persons house who shot him, they found he had a hit list. We also had a local guy gunned down in a blatant hit a few years ago and the police basically said they could do nothing. And at the time there were warnings in the local nightclub that was owned by another "business man" not to go down there and it was torched So yes there are guns in society over here. Edit as only just saw "fun amnesty" That's no good
  11. So Isis are quick to jump on the bandwagon and claim it. How do the cunts feels now ?
  12. Exactly. So sad though. Again idiots at work "oh you scared to go again" Why? I'm not stupid.
  13. So sad reading comments on friends Facebook etc who were there or knew people . I can't even imagine the heartbreak. Idiots at work asking me if I'm going to cancel my holiday to orlando next year. Fuck no!
  14. On the way to work the radio presenters said "we will play something now in alight of this weekends events" and played Like a Prayer Was so nice to hear .
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