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  1. One of my best friends from school works or worked for Russia Today he did that show THE TRUTHSEEKER he even did a show about lip syncing with a lot of M references the cheeky git anyway half of what he spouts doesn't seem like him
  2. I'm still still still convinced this is basically Trump doing all this then turning round goin "you morons will buy anything" I hope
  3. I tell you this best be sorted out when I got to the states next year.
  4. So Anyway Duty free booze and cigs are back yes?
  5. So does this mean now if I go to Europe I can get cheap duty free booze and cigarettes?
  6. If remain wins I'm taking myself off Facebook I can't cope with all the "it's a fix I didn't take a pen" shit
  7. no but I shall make a note when I go back in April!
  8. I despair . I had a rant at someone at work going on about the "migrants" Bare in mind I live near Dover where there are riots every weekend with right wing and left wing protestors . Anyway they were saying about all these migrants. I asked where they were? Yes we have a high rate of polish people here but like I said without them who the fuck would deliver their Just Eat takeaways of an evening . It's all been blurred with this loony fascist undertones . I still intend to retire to Orlando when I'm 50 . *gets deported by Trump due to foreign name and face*
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