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  1. Dr Lecter

    New Album Means New Tour

    I demand OMAR returns . We want some KICK baby. the only way way she will be on time is if she does an o2 arena residency for the whole thing
  2. Dr Lecter

    Years and Years

    I hope All for you is a JANICE cover
  3. She should tour South Africa and take Janice’s record there lol at the cheap swing on Holiday. Bless. And wearing kurt angles outfit from the wwf
  4. Oh and don’t get me started on the arrangements *pretends to bang drum machine to beat of LFL remix* *puts in TAke a Bow Us maxi single into Dell computer *
  5. Ugh LOVELY BIRMINGHAM ONE OFF HAIR such a waste Maybe after Glastonbury she will get people wanting to see her again in 2022 of course after she has directed her next film down the line, the fabled biopic of BEA ARTHUR
  6. I think time has passed the uk is ready for her again *fails to sell out Bournemouth *
  7. MDNA at THE WORLDS WORST CONCERT VENUE ™️ HYDE PARK was on time too ah the good old days when she was out on time
  8. Ah I see . I didn’t know that! i don’t get what’s so threatening about the o2 that she starts bang on time . I was at the bar ordering my three beers and heard jacko start and had to mince back just in time after convincing my friend the first night “she’s always late “ tjen again i was convinced for a or a split second that Graham’s abortion as the Unapologetic Bitch was Gianni Versace
  9. Yes it doesn’t help future attendees . to be fair some of the transport links are not great at the best of times I always have to get a hotel when i go to a concert plus I like a drink or two
  10. That there were loads of empty seats where people gave up and left
  11. “I guess I thought I was gonna drive a car through these sections here “
  12. God how infuriating such mdna pro footage exists
  14. Dr Lecter

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I didn’t care for this at all. He did a Beyoncé and just made some noises over a backing track . No oomph All the stage presence of an earthworm dreadful
  15. Very interesting read thank you from my experience being at The Girlie Show in London, Fever was playback but she sang over it live so it was like a. I tire .I'm not sure if the playback was too loud but you can hear it on the audio .