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  1. Sometimes you need to edit the Sort As options before they work properly!
  2. Just ordered the Super Deluxe on Amazon! Now just waiting for it to arrive...
  3. Hey! How are you doing?

  4. I am sorry to hear all of this, but iTunes Canada allowed me to download without any problems, although GMAYL is nowhere to be found!
  5. I think she was referring to another type of girls!
  6. So amazing! Especially when she says "forgive me"! THOSE EYES!
  7. I wanted lyrics so badly! It's been too long!
  8. If it is released, the radio version will probably be "I Messed Up"...
  9. 1. Warhols 2. Great Danes, we'll see 3. No Idea... 4. South Vermont?
  10. This is so amazing! Better than DW, better than anything on AL, especially after the middle 8! I LOVE THOSE LYRICS!
  11. I love it when Madonna goes all-out pop!
  12. Are these fake? Because I don't think Madonna would randomly start to post pictures of her ASS!
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