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  1. Thank you! This is my favorite remix of the bunch.
  2. I'm searching for this too. His mix of "I Rise" is my favorite.
  3. 1. Looking for Mercy 2. Bitch, I'm Loca 3. Extreme Occident 4. Medellin 5. Faz Gostoso
  4. The performance Of extreme occident was a highlight of the Madame X tour for me!
  5. "Funana" is still one of my favorite songs, behind "Looking For Mercy"
  6. I can’t wait to see the performance, regardless of what she sings. It’ll be great.
  7. I LOVE the new version of "Back That Up to the Beat" However, I don't understand why they deleted the "beat" after the line "back that up to the..."
  8. I am waiting patiently for Dubtronic to make a Madonna only edit.
  9. This is my favorite song at the moment!
  10. Based on some of the reviews, I expected a bad performance. However, it was amazing and she sounded great.
  11. I saw the video this morning. Finished or not, it looks amazing.
  12. I'm warming up to the song, but I cannot wait to hear a version without Swae Lee. It would've been nice to hear Maluma singing instead.
  13. I like the verses, not crazy about the chorus. I don't like the male singer's voice at all.
  14. So what’s the meaning of this video? I Love it, but can’t figure it out. LOL
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