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  1. I want a fourth single so badly. RH would be great. In time for Christmas would have made more sense but maybe it would have a better shot in January. But I doubt we get one
  2. The Best: Like A Prayer Erotica Rebel Heart Madonna True Blue Ray Of Light Almost The Best: Like A Virgin Bedtime Stories I'm Breathless Hard Candy Very Good: Confessions Music American Life Good: MDNA
  3. I find the fact that it happened at a concert so frightening. Especially when I think about the concerts I attended in recent weeks. In Berlin there was not even one security check for the early entries at the RHT. Imagine what could have happen.....I hope the security all around will be tightened.
  4. It really would work well in some markets at least, like Germany and Italy. And it would help album sales.
  5. I used to think about stuff like this all the time. Not anymore. Maybe that one aspect of getting old(er). Since M does not get any hits anyway I would not change a thing. I enjoyed the leaks, it was a fanasic experience. And that Ellen week may not turned into big sales, but it was very entertaining.
  6. Body shop, it is no contest. BS is a classic Madonna song, sweet sounding, amazing bridge, clever lyrics and a great melody. In the line of True Blue and Cherish. Candy Shop in an embarrassment. But I can appreciate it a few times on a tour. But I never play it at home.
  7. How many times people can get it wrong? In 2007 she signed for 3 albums and 4 tours. The first tour was for her last WB album HC. She has one tour left and one album.
  8. I like the video but I wished she would have used a different remix, maybe we get another one ))
  9. Iam not sure we are getting a fourth single, but there should be one. This album is too good to stop promoting now. She can do a low budget video or a tour video. It will not matter anyway. There are so many choices: Joan Of Arc Devil Pray UB Hold Tight Iconic VVV HBC Body shop Inside Out Borrowed Time Messiah I do hope we get a fifth one. She should make it happen. The next album is too far away to not milk this one for the fans.
  10. Is the Flechette remix somhow linked to Major Lazer's "Lean On"? The sound is so similar and I love it.
  11. I really like the video!!! Pretty much what I was expecting. Fun video. To bad some cameos look out a place. Nikki should have bin there not on a screen. But the video is cool. Looking forward to the ending.
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