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  1. acko

    I have that Bravo poster┬á­čśä┬áfrom back in the day....

    1. Matt


      That was my very first Bravo poster. 

  2. This documentry is amazing. It should have been so much longer though, but they did fit in so much great footage and information. Hope for many more music videos from this album. I wozld love to have one with the acordeon for "Killers..."
  3. My fave. This is how I imagined this album when she talked about it being born in Portugal. This song is all kinds of perfection. The Fado mixed Mirwais-style, Madonna's beautiful voice, the lyrics, all so amazing.
  4. But it needs to be classified as MUSIC not as ENTERTAINMENT or something. Hopefully it will be uploaded officially at all.
  5. Yes, I would be surprised if they don't fuck this up. This would be a big push. We will see what they will do with the BBMA performace.
  6. Wiki has William Orbit as producer next to Madonna and Mirwais. Can that be true?
  7. The song is a grower. Love it. This is my 9th spin. Gets better everytime.
  8. Love both covers. It is all too perfect to go to sleep right now. This era deserves all the success she can get.
  9. Where did you read that? They made a point to have the same numbes of tours as album releeased when the contract was signed. so with that it leaves one album without a tour, except the RH album counts as a double ( two ) albums. I don't think it made sense.
  10. When she signed her contract with LN it was announced that it was for 3 album and 4 tours. The first tour was S&S and that was for the last Warner album. So after that 3 albums and 3 tours remain. I think the 10 years are just an aprox time frame but not set in stone but the numbers of albums and tour are.
  11. I want a fourth single so badly. RH would be great. In time for Christmas would have made more sense but maybe it would have a better shot in January. But I doubt we get one
  12. Thanks for the great reviews and the videos. I love this show so much and want to see it again so badly.
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