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  1. Nice to see that COADF is stll clocking decent sales a year and a half after release. I'm sure this album will reach 5xP in the UK within the next 2 years.
  2. I just want to see the 2xP certification for COADF!
  3. That's over 4.5 million in hard sales in just 5 countries!
  4. I'm pleased that COADF is holding up rather nicely. I hope it can maintain similar sales until the new album is released. I'll also have my fingers crossed for a nice sales spike with the release of the Live Earth track.
  5. A nice little boost for COADF. 1.7 million, here we come!
  6. I hope GHV2 can be certified 2xP by the time the next studio album comes around.
  7. I would just love to see this album certified for 5xP in the UK.
  8. I think 100k for 2007 is a little optimistic but not impossible but it would be very nice to see COADF scan past 1.7 million.
  9. Well I'd like to see a double platinum cert for the following Madonna albums (because they deserve it): COADF YCD
  10. I know. It'd be nice though! And one can always hope...
  11. 5xP is not out of the question. Isn't it already at 4xP in Europe? And COADF is still on the charts...
  12. It's so nice to see COADF doing well in Europe. I hope it's enough for a 5th platinum cert for the European charts.
  13. Fabulous! I want that 4xP cert in the UK now, dammit!!!!!!!
  14. Jump drops from No.29 to No.37 on the Aussie charts this week.
  15. I would just love to see COADF reach 5xP in Europe eventually, which will match "Music".
  16. It's so interesting to see Music and DTM chart so higly amongst Madonna's recurrent airplay hits. I don't understand why this doesn't translate into better catalogue sales of "Music" or "GHV2".
  17. I hope that's the case because I'd love to see COADF certified 5xP in the UK!
  18. WBR should get off their lazy asses and certify COADF for 4xP in the UK already!!!
  19. It would make more sense to release one of the live tracks as a B-side to the Jump single. That way, both COADF and IGTTYAS will be promoted. Any boost to AL's sales will be insignificant. That project is well and truly buried.
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