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  1. I agree. BGO will be a hit at radio, thanks to Pharrell and kanye.
  2. BGO is one of the best songs on the album and it should definitely be the 3rd single. DWRY would be perfect as the 4th single. It's also such a winter song, IMO.
  3. Sneaky Sound System are a brilliant Aussie dance act! I hope they do well in the UK. By the way, Alexz Jay, who is that stunner in your sig? I think I'm in love...
  4. Yikes! That's a huge drop down the chart. As for Mariah, she must be so pissed off with Lil Wayne. She whored herself around during her album's release and plugged her lead single to death and she only managed 470k.
  5. Could we be seeing another week in the top 10 for 4M?
  6. 4M at No.7 on the Hot 100 HC at No.8 on the Billboard 200 Nice.
  7. It's a shame the strong sales of 4M is not really translating over to album sales. I suppose people are just buying the song alone because it's the first single. if the 2nd single is a decent sized hit, it might make people consider the album more.
  8. The bitch better come to Australia. After 15 years, we will not be denied!
  9. Looks like 4M is turning out to be a real stayer. Maybe the July release of GI2M is not a bad idea after all. 4M could well spend another month in the top 10.
  10. Wow. This song refuses to die. Out of curiosity, has Mariah's TMB fallen below 4M in airplay yet?
  11. Glad to see MC still falling. Not a bad showing for HC. Hopefully, SS will hav higher numbers and be above MC again this week. Big drop for Neil but that's to be expected. And OMG at Clay's drop. Will he earn the biggest 2nd week drop ever?
  12. The disappointing numbers is due to the fact that Madonna has hardly promoted her album. Nowadays, a big hit single is simply not enough.
  13. Thank God BB's numbers were way higher than HITS. So, 375k in 2 weeks. I don't think you can call that a flop. Janet's album has done that in 3 months. Now, THAT's a flop.
  14. It's looking rather good for a 2nd week at No.1 for HC and a 4th week at No.1 for 4M!
  15. I wonder if airplay for GI2M will start to increase now that it has charted on the Hot 100?
  16. I'm sure the Kylie fans will stop at nothing to protect her current string of top 10 hits.
  17. A week 2 projection of 90k? You'd think that with an opening of only 280k, the drop off might not have been so severe. It would've been nice to see HC have a 2nd week on top. The last time Madonna spent more than a week on top was way back in 1989!
  18. I think this album really will have legs if Madonna and WBR are saving the majority of their promotion for the 2nd single. Not only will that help the 2nd single but it will also keep the album going.
  19. Oh dear. I think Kylie's "X" is turning out to be the UK equivalent of Janet's "Discipline" in the US.
  20. How very nice if 4M scores a 4th week at No.1 and HC can score a 2nd week at the top too.
  21. A top 10 peak on Hot 100 airplay would be amazing considering how US radio have been against her since 2003 starting with AL.
  22. Do we know what her promo schedule is for the week of the album's release?
  23. I'm not saying those numbers are disappointing but I am absolutely positive that IDJ and Mariah were expecting way more than that.
  24. Only 463k for Mariah, which is lower than the 475k that HITS was predicting and short of the 500-600k from earlier predictions. I'm sure IDJ and Mariah were expecting way more than the 463k, especially with all that promotion she did.
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