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  1. It's sad for me to say this but I really do hope that HC can scan 1 million.
  2. I just hope she's managed to stay in the top 50 on Billboard.
  3. Even Coldplay aren't going to reach the numbers they did with their last album. The wolrd economy is slowing and people have less money to spend.
  4. It just pisses me off that Australia is not being included (so far). Our dollar is almost level with the US dollar now, so promoters can't use the weak dollar as an excuse anymore. AND it's been bloody 15 years since she last toured here. Godammit!
  5. I hope she's not getting divorced. She's been married for almost 8 years now. It's nice to see a celebrity couple go the distance.
  6. Could GI2M be top 20 by Sunday? And, again, is this based purely on one version only?
  7. But compare it to ROL, which was released around the same time, where the album had sold about 300k in just 2 weeks.
  8. I believe it's around 500k. I think it did about 400k over the holiday period.
  9. Hopefully, she'll have enough this week for the album to pass 560k.
  10. Not really. It did well initially and the bulk of its sales came from the holiday period. If I remember correctly, it was already certified platinum after a month. Anyway, "Bedtime Stories" spawned 4 top 10 hits, 2 of which went top 5.
  11. That's great! Hopefully it can be in the top 20 come Sunday. Is this based on only 1 version at i-tunes only? Hopefully, HC can start moving back up the chart. It so desperately needs to pass 300k in sales! How sad that a Madonna album has only sold 200k in the UK after 2 months!
  12. So, what's Bye Bye's peak on the Hot 100?
  13. Is airplay for GI2M in the UK starting to pick up? And how many versions of the song are currently available on i-tunes?
  14. Who has the biggest selling album of 2008 so far?
  15. I really hope GI2M can garner some significant airplay (at least 30 million in AIs). I would love for GI2M to be a top 10 hit but I'll be happy with top 20 in the US.
  16. That should be BGO and the S&S tour for Sep-Nov, followed by DWRY for Dec-Feb.
  17. And so they should be! We're a force to be reckoned with!
  18. You must get out and buy it. It'll be worth it. A very good album and different from the last one too. By the way, what's the biggest selling album worldwide so far this year?
  19. I really hope Madonna does a round of promotion for GI2M and HC both in the US and around Europe. HC's legs are pretty much dependent on the success of GI2M now...
  20. Have you heard their album? It's damn good!
  21. Anyway, I hope Madonna can stay in the top 40 this week on Billboard.
  22. Could Coldplay get close to a million?
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