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  1. i would dearly love to see "Celebration" reclaim the top spot. She was so close last week. A little bit of promo on behalf of Madonna and a bit more from WBR would have been enough for No.1 last week.
  2. I forgot about that one! It scanned something like 1.1-1.2 million in the US. Is it certified for 3xplatinum yet?
  3. those broken plates are looking very attractive right now...
  4. I really do hope that Mimi ends up at No.3 for her new album. It will be her lowest charting for a studio album since "Emotions" back in 1991 (not counting "Glitter", of course). The lambs must be in complete meltdown. Mimi's new, lead single missing the top 5 and her new album missing the top 2! LOL!! I hope Madonna ends up at No.7 or higher. It's a goood showing considering the poor performance of the Celebration single, little promotion and the fact that it's a double disc greatest hits package.
  5. Celebration is a nice enough song but not ground-breaking or anything exciting like her new single releases in the past. It really doesn't deserve to be No.1 on the charts. It is her lowest charting lead-off single for an album in the US, so that kinda says it all really.
  6. Mimi and her record company are famous for using any tactics (including underhanded ones) to get a higher chart placing. She really is the queen of chart manipulation! Unfortunately for Mimi, it only really works on the US charts. That's why she can't emulate the same level of success anywhere else in the world!! LOL!!!
  7. is enjoying being a free spirit...

  8. Oh, I realise that but my comments were purely aimed at the lambs and how they love to twist facts to make her look better with her chart facts.
  9. Thanks, HG. 10.5-11 million into her 3rd decade of her career is pretty good. I'd like to see Mimi try to achieve that next decade. What would be really interesting to see is biggest sellers worldwide decade by decade. Madonna would certainly be featuring quite prominently in all 3 decades!
  10. Madonna must have sold about 8 million albums in the US since January 2000, right?
  11. It clearly is no longer a sure thing for Mimi. Just look at how the singles from her last album fared on the radio.
  12. Maybe the Get Stupid vidoe/remix was aimed at WBR then?
  13. I hope it's good and it gets released. It might help keep HC moving along.
  14. Agreed! I don't understand what possessed WBR to not release Miles Away during the tour.
  15. That's true but the GH will probably come after the Grammys and the release of the tour DVD.
  16. We also won't have a new Madonna studio album this year, which often gives a nice boost for the preceding album. All we'll have is the tour DVD (I hope) and new GH, which isn't much really. Maybe a Grammy win of some sort and the tour being televised are the only other things I can think of that may help HC this year.
  17. At least we have officially passed 700k. Except that it will remain certified gold only.
  18. Wow! This re-entry and 45% gain was so unexpected! Nice going. Passing 700k should happen rather soon.
  19. ooh. I'm very pleased with this week's results. See, HG, My finger crossing worked! It will be very nice to see HC pass 680k whilst still on the chart.
  20. Back to Madonna...my fingers are crossed that her sales can stay steady compared to last week.
  21. I think Madonna can hold on to her top 5 position with another 2 weeks to go. Mariah will be spewing. E=MC2 ranks No.15 for all albums sales for 2008.
  22. At least HC will end up selling more than AL worldwide when all is said and done.
  23. I'm sure WBR wouldn't even consider certifying HC platinum until the SS amount is over 900k, and that seems like so so far away...
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