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  1. Yikes! 220k after 2 weeks. Poor Mimi...if she thought things could not get worse after "Glitter"...

    Madonna seems to have held on better than expected given what her early numbers on HITS looked like. I'm hoping SS numbers are higher and is enough to stay in the top 20 on Billboard.

    Wow. Paramore took a real beating!! :shock:

  2. LORD, this is sad. I remember how years ago a record wouldn't even have to peak in the top FIFTY and they could still sell 500,000 to 1,000,000 albums if their sales were steady enough.

    Now it's not even a guarantee that you'll be able to sell that much by debuting in the top ten. So sad. :zombie:

    Don't tell Mimi that. She might have another "breakdown"... :bad:

  3. they should change the rules again: 2.000.000 for the platinum single, and 500.000 for the platinum album

    Maybe for singles but not for albums really. Mimi and her record company(s) will be the first to re-certify her and then she will claim to have the most platinum albums. You just know she's gonna do that.

  4. OMG. Surely Mimi couldn't have dropped that much! Where are all the lambs? Well, I suppose most of them would have killed themselves after the album only reached No.3 and with such poor numbers too. And since they're gone, there's less lambs available to buy more copies! LOL

  5. I'd love to know the Soundscan numbers for all Mariah's albums, cause she's been very overcertified hasn't she?

    oh, she most certainly is!

    I'd love to know how she's gonna pull off a platinum certification for her new album. It'll be lucky to scan 500k at the rate it's going.

  6. Poor Mimi. She didn't get a top 5 single for Obesed and she couldn't even reach the top 2 with Memoirs of an overly bloated angel.

    The lambs must be complete meltdown by now. Janet will be laughing her head off if Mimi's album sells than Discipline! LOL

  7. Yes, if 4M were a hit in fall instead of spring and she released Hard Candy in the fall, it would have topped 1M no doubt.

    HC sold 3.5-4 million worldwide. If Mimi's numbers in the US are really as bad as it's looking so far, she may struggle to pass 1 million worldwide (just like Janet's last album!).

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