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  1. Love seeing all those No.1 albums. Such a travesty that ROL and TIC are not there!
  2. Disappointing that Madonna will miss out on another UK No.1 album, especially when Madame X is so bloody good. This would've been unthinkable a decade ago.
  3. What an amazing song Crave is! I can't stop listening to it!! It really deserves to be a hit. It's a travesty that Medellin wasn't. The 3 tracks released so far is making me so excited about the new album!
  4. Wow!! This is why I love her so much. Such a beautiful and inspired performance! Can't wait to see it in HQ!!!
  5. I am loving Maluma even more since this video came out. You can tell that he clearly admires and adores Mafonna in the video.
  6. The Medellin video is giving me LIFE right now! Madonna is so beautiful in it. So luminous!
  7. Just saw the video and I just died. Madonna is on fiyah!!!
  8. Some people will be negative no matter what she does but the fact remains that people are still interested and respond to the music she makes. I believe that the thing that Madonna will be most disheartened by is indifference. Just look at Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson as examples of that.
  9. She looks beautiful. The queen! She clearly thinks very highly of him. What a beautiful reaction video from him when he heard the final version of Medellin. He perfectly sums up the reactions we, as Madonna fans, have when we first hear amazing new music from her!
  10. Except that the leaked versions sounded so much better than the final versions on the album...
  11. This song is giving me Frozen vibes. That was such a grower when first released and has ended up being my favourite song ever! And so many positive reviews so far! Our Madonna is back, bitches! Bow down before the queen!!
  12. I'm loving it! This is an absolute grower.
  13. This is such a grower! Loving it. A great single on its own. Will there be another single that will lead the album release in June? I'm assuming there will be. How long has it been since we've had 2 singles before an album release? I'm so excited!!!
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