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  1. Such an exciting time for Madonna fans! I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy tomorrow. The Best Buy circular has the regular version at 9.99 and the deluxe at 14.99 (which is a bit surprising since I thought they would discount it more for the first week). Anyhow, I'd love to know what prices/the display other stores have...
  2. LOL - why is that a shock mtzlplk?
  3. I hope it doesn't leak - it eats into the sales from the general public...
  4. To Have and Not to Hold is sublime - so beautiful. Its Shanti/Ashtangi that I always skip.
  5. Holiday La Isla Bonita Human Nature Music
  6. i LOVE it - it sounds like Confessions part 2 !!!!!
  7. "The Echo and the Roar" "Metropolis" "The Second Coming" "The Flood of Rapture" "Harbinger"
  8. I think the name of a new Madonna album should be epic sounding, such as International Discotheque or Metropolis
  9. Yes - she is somewhat shiny in this. But I always thought she looked so serene, confident, peaceful and just full of beauty in this shot.
  10. 1. The Next Best Thing - ruined any boost/credibility she got from Evita 2. Love Don't Live Here Anymore video - what a CRAP video 3. Jump video - what a CRAP video 4. Remixed and Revisited - totally half arsed from the cd cover to the tracklist. 5. Decision to use Above and Beyond remix for the What It Feels Like for a Girl video (totally undermined the beauty of the song itself).
  11. I think she has had one masterpiece in each decade: LAP - 80s ROL - 90s COADF - 00s
  12. You're mistaken. On itunes - Barbra is at 52; Mariah is at 67 and Madonna is at 115 On amazon - Barbra is at 1 and 6; Madonna is at around 14 and Mariah is at around 17.
  13. At least wait till the 2nd week to buy Mumu
  14. Could Madonna catch up though, given that: 1. Celebration is charting not only at #13 but also at #70, 113 etc etc 2. Celebration physical single sales would be added to the digital (on the same token, does Taio Cruz have a physical single?)
  15. I am very pleased that Human Nature did not make the list :) Also have always found Rain to be boring! My top 5 songs she missed would be: 1. American Life - I actually really do like this song a LOT. Very innovative and different. 2. You Must Love Me 3. Drowned World 4. The Power of Goodbye 5. Deeper and Deeper - a true classic.
  16. I really like the snippet. I already much prefer it to 4 minutes & Miles Away.
  17. I was thinking the same thing - she may come off as being cold and callous if she does still release/promote Celebrate. I guess what she does depends on how big a deal the press make of this terrible accident.
  18. will they be showing tonight's show or a prerecorded sticky & sweet?
  19. I love Madonna, but I do believe that she is a gigabitch, which is kinda sad. I do wish she was nicer to people in her personal dealings. Oh well - if she was nice and accomodating, she probably wouldn't be the superstar that she is..
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