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  1. Soooo fucking excited for the next few weeks, as more and more info trickles in. Love it
  2. Absolutely! So hope that she can get that #1 album this time.
  3. She is a musician She is a provocateur She is a visual artist She is not perfect She is sometimes tired and fatigued She gives it her all She is unafraid to disrupt the system She is a feminist, a humanist, a rebel, a lover, and a voice for peace She is Madame X!
  4. Yes - love the fact that she does not play it safe, does not rest on her laurels and keeps pushing!
  5. With all the doom and gloom that is being projected with the Eurovision performance - I just wanted to point this out: We are in the midst of a truly amazing Madonna era with - an intriguing persona - terrific visuals - Medellin video and Crave video on the way (even before the album is released) - awesome BBMA performance - controversial Eurovision performance that has got people talking - terrific songs that sound fresh that have potential to expand her audience - UK Vogue (and who knows what else coming up.... ? ) - upcoming tour -
  6. I fuckin loved it! I actually enjoyed it more than the Billboard music awards performance. LAP was so - so - but Future was amazing! Dramatic, striking, different and very iconic. A+
  7. LOL - what in the actual fuck was that??!?!? However, I have to say I kinda liked it!
  8. My final vote is for Azerbaijan
  9. The Australia performance is v creative!
  10. LOL - I don't find Italy attractive at all. I hate his shirt too - ugggh
  11. France song really sucks although the message is cool
  12. I like the Azerbaijan song - and the guy is not bad on the eyes either
  13. Medellin - 9.5/10 I Rise - 3/10 (just doesn't do anything for me at all) Crave - 9/10 Future - 8.5/10
  14. The Miami Herald article says Mariah is also performing - lol. Wonder if they will run into each other backstage!
  15. Just saw this article - sorry if it has been previously posted! May 1 in Vegas - Madonna performing Medellin at Billboard music award! https://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/celebrities/article229455814.html
  16. I absolutely adore it! Love her voice, the sultry vibe, the lyrics, the beat and Maluma too. My only complaint is that there is too much Maluma. It would have been perfect if they took out one Maluma verse and added one Madonna verse... otherwise - its terrific
  17. MDNA is one of my favorite Madonna albums. I'm Addicted is so original, thumping and intoxicating! Falling Free, Love Spent and Masterpiece and poetic and beautifully sung. I absolutely love GMAYL, TUTR, Some Girls and I'm a Sinner. Overall - I think its a terrific record. Much more focused and tight than Rebel Heart in my opinion.
  18. 1. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2. Ray Of Light 3. MDNA 4. Like A Prayer 5. Music 6. Erotica 7. True Blue 8. American Life 9. Bedtime Stories 10. Rebel Heart 11. Madonna 12. Hard Candy 13. Like A Virgin
  19. Unapologetic Bitch would not be hard to edit: It can be switched to "Unapologetic Chick" and "you never knew how much your selfish bull(bleep) cost me, so screw you"
  20. Candylipsgirl - you should totally go to a show even if you have to fly!
  21. Heartbreak City Rebel Heart (I think the album version is FAR superior to the demo) Illuminati Veni Vedi Vici Holy Water
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