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  1. This is just so saddening and disheartening to me. It seems so simple: you don't want to have an abortion? Then don't. But the fact that these motherfuckers are trying to take the choice away from others is outrageous. I predict if this shitshow comes to pass, then there will be a 2 tier system. Republican, conservative states will outlaw abortion - leading to more unwanted kids, child abuse, poverty etc in those places. Democrat states will continue to offer access, and may start getting out of state folks. With news like this, it really does make me toy with the idea of moving out of the US. The amount of political division, fighting and posturing, and viciousness (eg. Florida trying to fuck Disney over simply for its viewpoint) is just exhausting.
  2. US formally declares Russian military has committed war crimes in Ukraine https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/23/politics/us-russia-war-crimes/index.html
  3. That is so fucked up. I wonder what his endgame is... what are the goals that he wants to achieve? Does he want to annex Ukraine? Install a puppet regime there? Break it up into a pro Russia and pro West region? Does he plan on annexing other countries? WWIII?
  4. Holy shit. That is actually kind of creepy how accurate this person's predictions were. It's quite something.
  5. So true. It is so very sad for all the humans involved in this tragedy. I think of the Ukrainians who all of a sudden are losing their homes and country and lives; Ukranian families' separation from the sons/fathers/brothers who are forced to fight; to the young Russian men (really boys) who are being told to fight for a war they probably do not understand; to the Ukranian and Russian mothers and fathers worried sick for their kids in the army; to the Russian people losing their jobs/savings. Its still almost surreal that in 2022 this could happen.
  6. A photographer reflects on what he saw at Lviv's train station as thousands said goodbye to their home From CNN's Sandi Sidhu "The true victims of war are people that have nothing to do with the conflict and whose lives are turned upside down by war after they cross a frontier from their homeland, have suddenly lost everything that relates to their existence," he continued. Turnley shared what he saw in the refugees he encountered. (Courtesy Peter Turnley) Turnley said many of the individuals departing are women and children, as men under the age of 60have been banned from leaving the country. "They've been separated from their husbands, their fathers, their young men, and they have no idea when they may return home," he told CNN. (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley) "It occurred to me that for many of the very, very young that this is a moment that they will never completely remember and at the same time, it's a moment that they will certainly never forget," Turnley continued. (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley) (Courtesy Peter Turnley)
  7. That is frightening. If he moves into Poland, that would really be the start of WWIII.
  8. Ukraine war: Putin seeks foreign volunteers to fight in Ukraine https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60705486 I can see Ukraine desiring volunteers since they have a much much smaller armed force. I wonder why Puta is wanting additional volunteers for his invasion, despite the fact that their force is so mammoth already.
  9. So true. If countries with weaker militaries should just give up their lands - then where would be the end of this?
  10. Thanks for the response. I definitely agree about wartime info (and even non-wartime news) is not always accurate. Most things have some sort of agenda or political leaning. I have to say - the bit about the wine mom having his face tattooed on her boob is hilarious. I can totally picture it. lol
  11. Wow. Looks like you are just wanting to fight or argue for some reason. I'm not engaging with you here on out, and this will be my last response to you in this thread.
  12. How come, CzarnaWisnia? Not trying to start a quarrel, but am truly curious...
  13. I feel so terrible for Zelensky and the Ukranian people. They have gone through so much the last several days.
  14. Russia increases censorship with new law: 15 years in jail for calling Ukraine invasion a 'war' “War” and “invasion” are two words that can land someone in prison for up to 15 years under a new Russian law. Those words are “fake news" in the eyes of Russian lawmakers and President Vladimir Putin, who last week passed a law criminalizing the intentional spread of information that goes against the government’s narrative about what the country prefers to call a “special military operation” in Ukraine. Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of parliament, said the measure “will force those who lied and made statements discrediting our armed forces to bear very grave punishment.” Under the new legislation, individuals can be punished with up to 15 years of prison for publishing information that runs counter to Russia's narrative. That person could be a journalist who spoke negatively of Russia in a years-old tweet — the law is retroactive — or a Russian citizen who posts a TikTok about the country’s military invasion in Ukraine. https://news.yahoo.com/russia-cracks-down-free-speech-040014673.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  15. I think Putin is realizing that this invasion is more costly than he had anticipated (length of time, Russian casualties, stiff resistance, significant sanctions resulting in economic difficulties and possible unrest in Russia). I am afraid he will become more and more ruthless, as he may be like a poker player who has bet too much money to pull out now.
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