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  1. It seemed like for Hard Candy the market had changed greatly from the Confessions era. Digital singles had taken over so a different approach was needed. Felt like Madonna and/or Warners were not ready for this. The Miles Away single release was a mess. Should have been released near her London S&S date. More than just 1 CD issued with her face on the cover and a few more mixes or unreleased tracks. The video fiasco didn't help.
  2. Agree. Would be nice to have more than single released before the album with a little promotion just to make the rest of the world remember how good she is.
  3. Love it. one of my most played MDNA tracks.
  4. In the pre-digital days when we'd get 4 or 5 singles from an album 'Gang Bang' would have made a good Double A side single with another MDNA track, say 'Love Spent' which is very radio friendly and with a kick ass video to 'Gang Bang' it could have done the business.
  5. Chances she might shoot a music video for Masterpiece even if it like You Must Love Me.
  6. Just wondering if the 1st single is due end of January and the album end of March might we get a 2nd single just prior to the albums release?
  7. If Miles Away hadn't have flopped so badly maybe there would have been more singles from Hard Candy. True it was an album littered with potential hits but in the days of downloads and Youtube the singles need to be released before the album not 8 months after in otrder to be a hit.
  8. There was a thread running on Madonna Tribe earlier this week claiming a whole load of new demos had leaked. Scored the internet but nothing yet. Hopefully soon.
  9. Now we have a bit more of Run to keep us going.
  10. Using the 2.5 year gap between albums we're due a new album now. Guess these leaks can be our substitute for a new album. May it be a double album substitute if we get enough leaks.
  11. 1) Angel, 2) Gambler, 3) True Blue, 4) Bad Girl, 5) Bedtime Story.
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