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  1. 3 weeks time we'll know the chart position in UK.
  2. In the UK, Too many Number 2 albums that should have been Number 1. I'm Breathless Erotica, Bedtime Stories, GHV2, Rebel Heart. The week of release in the UK we all need to ensure it is her 13th Number 1 album.The Beatles have 15 Number 1 albums. Hoping in the future she can match that.
  3. I would be happy with a single this autumn then the 2nd single next year prior to the album.
  4. That would have awesome. It may not have made Number 1 but would have been a definite Top 5 and served as as a better lead up to GHV2.
  5. This thread is for things you were expecting Madonna to do or release, either or by your expectations or magazines or internet rumours.These are mine. What were yours? Spotlight was to be released as a full scale single. Bloodhounds of Broadway was to have a soundtrack album similar to Who's That Girl. After Dear Jessie was released in the UK and Oh Father was released in the USA early 1990 would see Dear Jessie released in the USA and Oh Father in UK. I'm Breathless would have more than 2 singles released. Into The Groove was to be re-released in the summer of 1991. (Bad idea, should hav
  6. Do you remember the rumour that Supernatural/Santa baby was considered for a Double A side novelty release for Christmas 1988. Read about it in Record Collector Magazine years ago.
  7. 1: Express Yourself. (BA). 2: Hung Up. (EMA'S). 3: Bedtime Stories. (Brits). 4: Future Lovers. (CT). 5: Keep It Together. (BA). 6: I Don't Give A F. (MDNA). 7: Girl Gone Wild. (MDNA). 8: Express Yourself. (GS). 9: Erotica. (CT). 10. Like A Prayer. (S&S).
  8. Would have been a better choice for a single in the UK than One More Chance.
  9. The Look Of Love is the Angel of its era. Performed once one tour, no proper video, never appeared on a compilation and not remembered that well by the GP.
  10. I remember in early 1988 wondering what would her next single be. Can't Stop or Spotlight.
  11. Just thinking back to the release of MDNA when Warners released the Boxset of all of the previous studio albums. Would they do anything for Rebel Hearts release? Maybe a soundtrack boxset or unreleased songs album boxset
  12. Brixton Academy Show to be released on the video/DVD of the next full scale concert (DW).
  13. Wish we could have the original 'Crazy For You' and 'Gambler' too.
  14. Angel and Gambler seem to be 2 songs the fans are desperate to see performed live.
  15. In the UK the slump may not have been as big as the UK. Small as the slump was it still happened. TUTBMP was the first single not available on an album at its time of release to not hit number 1 since Live To Tell in 1986. Papa Don't Preach, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer and Vogue all easily hit number 1 (Justify My Love was released 1 week after IC), Releasing Erotica the album mid-week may not have helped its chart position but number 2 was still respectable. Airplay for the Erotica singles was still good even though the chart positions were down on previous singles. I'll Remember was a dis
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