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  1. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    They are letting us turn around now moving us away from the strip. From our understanding the airport is closed, I just drove past the airport police have it blocked off, cops are everywhere I don't live in Vegas, i am here on vacation I am lost we don't know where to go stupid GPS keeps re routing us to roads that are closed.
  2. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    I am currently next to Mandalay Bay on the freeway in a lockdown sitiation VERY SCARY I've been here for about 2 hours
  3. NYC Sept. 16

    Quick Review: perfection from start to finish. Candy Shop is everything!! Loved the show, love her more then ever, The Queen!!
  4. MSG NYC Sept.16 Atlantic City
  5. Robster is a true artist

    Congrats! I am so happy for you!
  6. MDNA Tour EPIX TV Premiere

    I thought i noticed that too! Some of the stills are from ny. The ones with the Hebrew letters on her back. I know this because I can see myself in pics. The shots I believe are by Steven Klein, I have him in my pics of her during lav.
  7. NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I was just going to add that i think she said if your going to look at the crack of my ass at leaste through up some cash...something like that
  8. NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I am on the train home back to Jersey, after my third and final mdna show. I have so many emotions, i am so excited, filled with love and joy, but at the same time very sad that i wont be seeing the show again, i will have to relive through all your reviews. I was incredibly blessed to be in the golden triangle at all three of my shows. Tonight i was at the tip of the triangle and finally able to clearly see the beauty of like a virgin/love spent. Incredible. The show meant so much to me. After dealing with the devastation of hurricane sandy, many families i know lost everything and having my grandmother in icu this past week, Madonna really became my savior. The show is perfection, not much more to say then alreadys been said. Her speech about the victims of the storm, taking her children to see the devastation, thanking all the volunteers and communities was very touching, she questioned why it sometimes take a tragedy to bring people together...she was right even in the heartache and devastation there was beauty-people helping people. Thank you Madonna for the best six hours , thank you for your beauty, thank you for your strength and inspiration. Oh and thank you for letting us sing like a prayer with you! Madonna, Queen of Life, there will NEVER be another I will post pics tomorrow
  9. NYC MSG Nov 12th

    Yes i won through icon, i recieved my email around 730. I just cant believe it!
  10. NYC MSG Nov 12th

    Thanks San! I actually feel like I dont deserve it, This will be my third time in the triangle. I didnt think i had a chance with only 25 winners.
  11. NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I won golden triangle tickets for the 12th!!!!
  12. Atlantic City 9/15/12

    I am still shaking!!! I had the best time with you last night! It was a pleasure to share that amazing experience with you. Can't wait to see you in NYC Girl!!!
  13. Atlantic City 9/15/12

    I had an amazing time, it was my second time in the pit. Even better then the first! The show was amazing, I really enjoyed Holiday, since she didn't play it the first show I was at. A few BA tour moves, Fantastic! It was a night I will never forget. Being that close and able to reach out and touch her hand, unbelievable. Here are some pics we took