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  1. Small crowd at his rally, social media campaign to reserve tickets with no intention of going paid off. He thought a hundred thousand people were going.
  2. I’m disgusted-no one needs to say a group of “powerful” white men who don’t want change or peace
  3. They are letting us turn around now moving us away from the strip. From our understanding the airport is closed, I just drove past the airport police have it blocked off, cops are everywhere I don't live in Vegas, i am here on vacation I am lost we don't know where to go stupid GPS keeps re routing us to roads that are closed.
  4. I am currently next to Mandalay Bay on the freeway in a lockdown sitiation VERY SCARY I've been here for about 2 hours
  5. I purchased tickets for philly which r not through ticketmaster but through comcast, which does not entitle me to redeem the album. I wonder how pit tickets will be given away at that venue
  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I can't stop listening to it. I can't wait to see her perform it, its going to be amazing!
  7. Not sure if it has been posted anywhere but i noticed today that masterpiece is available as a ringback tone for verizon customers has anyone heard when Luvin will be available?
  8. I personally thought that the show was fantastic I just spoke to a woman in my office who was at the superbowl (I didn't want to cause she is nasty and I am bitter that she was there) and she said oh she was great everything looked great but she felt that she moved too slow (2nd person to tell me this today) and that nobody got into it till lap cause her songs were too unknown I have been over the moon about this performance I am wondering if it was just her who felt that way
  9. Thank You I have really appreciated all your post groovyguy Your the best!
  10. Welcome Back! Missed you soooooooo much!
  11. Its such an annoyance to me when its written get into the groove
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