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  1. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    They are letting us turn around now moving us away from the strip. From our understanding the airport is closed, I just drove past the airport police have it blocked off, cops are everywhere I don't live in Vegas, i am here on vacation I am lost we don't know where to go stupid GPS keeps re routing us to roads that are closed.
  2. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    I am currently next to Mandalay Bay on the freeway in a lockdown sitiation VERY SCARY I've been here for about 2 hours
  3. This is Us (tv show) Vogue

    The scene if you would to see it
  4. This is Us (tv show) Vogue

    The kids were born in 1980, it was their 10th birthday in the summer of 1990. Vogue was released already. The first episode of the series, is the triplets 36th birthday in 2016.
  5. If anyone watches the show-Madonna Reference tonight
  6. BEST 6th TRACK

    Think of Me
  7. The Favourites Thread

    Those legs in those shorts!!
  8. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Drowned World vs Sky fits Heaven
  9. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Who's that girl vs Into the Groove
  10. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Who's that girl can im addicted
  11. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Masterpiece vs time stood still
  12. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Impressive instant vs inside out
  13. one of my most favorite looks of all time
  14. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Shoo be doo vs gambler