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  1. ThinkOfMe

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    They are letting us turn around now moving us away from the strip. From our understanding the airport is closed, I just drove past the airport police have it blocked off, cops are everywhere I don't live in Vegas, i am here on vacation I am lost we don't know where to go stupid GPS keeps re routing us to roads that are closed.
  2. ThinkOfMe

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    I am currently next to Mandalay Bay on the freeway in a lockdown sitiation VERY SCARY I've been here for about 2 hours
  3. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Don't tell me Letterman vs Joan on Arc Ellen
  4. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Gambler (VT) vs Vogue (Super Bowl)
  5. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Live to tell (WTG) vs Like a virgin/love spent (MDNA)
  6. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Live to tell (WTG) vs Live to tell (BA)
  7. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Hung up (EMAs) vs Holiday (BA)
  8. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    Both!!! LIB (live earth) vs Hung Up (confessions tour)
  9. ThinkOfMe

    Performance vs Performance

    LAV (BA) vs Gambler (VT)
  10. ThinkOfMe

    NYC Sept. 16

    Quick Review: perfection from start to finish. Candy Shop is everything!! Loved the show, love her more then ever, The Queen!!
  11. MSG NYC Sept.16 Atlantic City
  12. ThinkOfMe

    Robster is a true artist

    Congrats! I am so happy for you!
  13. ThinkOfMe

    NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I was just going to add that i think she said if your going to look at the crack of my ass at leaste through up some cash...something like that