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  1. i got fucked today

  2. In the land of gods and monsters , I was an angel looking to get fucked hard.

  3. I've been having one hell of a shitty month and someone is gonna pay

  4. You don't have the luxury of time

  5. You don't have he luxury of time

    1. Phantom Pain

      Phantom Pain

      there's also a movie called reserection by butch bear but all i could find are filemonster.com links and you have to have a premium account to download it :angry:

  6. I wish we could go back to a world without Gaga

    1. Junior


      i don't care if he's hetero, that boy needs his luscious big well-shaped ass rimmed, spanked, slobbered on, and double penetrated by me and Miguel!

  7. I'll steal it from you loomer :asian:

    Oooh la la, you're my svperstar

    Oooh la la, love the way that you are

  8. omg mama this thug is gonna beat me to a pulp and then rape my ass!!

  9. there. all done. i honestly HAVE NO IDEA how you ended up on my ignore list

  10. omg it must've been by mistake my friend!! you know i'd never do that on purpose. I'm so sorry

  11. then can you pm me instead?

  12. I demand that you post MOAR!!

  13. so hot. *fans self*

  14. Happy Valentine's Day ♥

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