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  1. I'm a muslim and I'm still happy that Obama was gone. I'd still take Trump over Hillary any day of the week.
  2. But that's not a mentally ill person mirroring attacks , its a coordinated attack from an extreme Islamist ideology . Frankly I am astonished how these attacks keep happening all over Europe and the governments' response is always "no hate , no fear" or some useless talk. Why won't they do something about these situations. The world is being destroyed by these extremists and all we have to say is that they are mentally ill? I'm sorry but I can't accept that. We should call these people what they really are , Extreme Islamist terrorists. The governments have no problems inducing fear of neo nazis and white supremacists. Why not those extremists too? They are just as bad if not worse.
  3. ISIS has claimed responsibility. Also there was an attack in Finland. they have officially relocated from Iraq and Syria to Europe. These are not mentally ill people. These are Muslim extremists. Don't make excuses for those scum.
  4. This is how Islam is viewed now. The religion of terrorism. and today Christian Egyptians were killed on a bus. I'm sure Daesh will claim responsibility as per usual. This is not Islam. I'm so thankful I'm not wahhabi like those scumbags.
  5. motherfuckers targeting Christians. it astounds me that most people think that these are rebels and freedom fighters fighting the oppressive regime in Syria. a terrorist is a terrorist. thank god these fucks are out of Aleppo. be safe spazz. it's sad that people like you and me are targeted just because of their different beliefs.
  6. Saudi Arabia wouldn't do shit without US backup. They're cowards. They wouldn't be able to kill people in Yemen if US didn't back them. and trust me things have been VERY ENTERTAINING already when the US stuck its nose in everybody's business. It's time to do without.
  7. Even African Americans are voting for Trump? Damn. Hillary must be REALLY unpopular if Americans are voting for Trump over her.
  8. Yeah moderate is a really funny word to use. I guess Daesh are the extreme rebels. Oh Obama.
  9. lol at some countries not meant to be democracies. you just elected a president that you hate man. how did democracy help you? and again , if US wants to save the world from terrorism and backward thinking why don't they start with the source of it , Saudi Arabia?
  10. The West is not interfering with the atrocities Saudi Arabia does. Do you hear anyone calling for the US?
  11. First of all : It's not the US business. Stop being Superman , no one asked you for it. Second , they're not getting rid of him because he is a murderer. They're getting rid of him because he is not an US ally. Case in point ; House Saud are murderers and tyrants as well. They are killing innocents in Yemen. And what does the US do about them? They actually support them.
  12. Just because they supported it doesn't ,mean it will go away suddenly when they're gone.
  13. the US and Saudi Arabia governments do support Daesh/ ISIS in order to topple Assad so yes that makes them terrorists. No to mention the war in Yemen.
  14. me too. I was shocked when Trump actually won! I agree they are both bad. Didn't Trump promise less overseas US involvement? One can only hope.
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