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  1. Does anyone know why the video isn't available on iTunes yet???
  2. Honestly, I've never what the big deal was with this video. Honestly, I much prefer the Sorry video.
  3. I'm really excited! Would love to see her be a little less uptight that usual... Maybe wear something other than black???
  4. 1) Jimmy Jimmy 2) Liquid Love 3) X-Static Process (Rock Version) 4) He's a Man 5) Take a Bow/Beautiful Stranger Mash Up
  5. Unless she was no longer... with us??? HEAVEN FORBID
  6. Ugh... I wish the Frozen demo didn't have that pitch alteration in her voice.
  7. Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reup the Frozen S&S demo??? PLEAAAASE!!!
  8. I mean, the article is highly likely to be bullshit.
  9. I've always thought that Uma Thurman looks like a Confessions-era Madonna.
  10. The True Blue video is what I play on Celebration at a party when I want a laugh out of everyone. Kudos to those who think it's good though. My favorite song & video from True Blue is Open Your Heart! Sing it live, bitch!
  11. I never understood why this was called a 'greatest hits' tour. She did about the same amount of AL tracks in RIT as she did COADF tracks in CT and HC tracks in SAS. Maybe it was because so many people were disappointed by the lack of old music in DWT.
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