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  1. I really hated the faulty static that's really apparent in the first section. Revolver and IDGA have it the worst. Snowed out all over the screen. I always have to switch to "Movie" instead of "Dynamic" when I play the Blu-Ray.
  2. Great pics! Started following you. I have a bunch from Chicago, Boston and Montreal if you scroll down on mine @winston_alexander
  3. There were some screen issues opening night in Montreal. Part of the main screen wasn't working during Iconic.
  4. I've been at the tip twice and had front row catwalk on the right side at the corner/cross intersection closer to the main stage. If you only have the opportunity to see once, I would recommend heart because then you get to take in the whole show. But being close to the main was awesome too. So much more detail you can see for the main stage shows.
  5. For those of you that have lined up for GA floor, when you finally get in, how long is it until the show starts? Are you committed to not peeing until the end of the show as soon as you enter?
  6. Pleaaaase let LAP be in the setlist for the rest of the tour!
  7. 5. Montreal twice, Boston, Chicago then Louisville. Help me I'm poor.
  8. First night I was in Montreal on the floor toward the back. We moved around a little bit. Montreal night 2 I had a 100-level ticket but showed usher ticket from night before and he let me on the floor haha. That night whenever she went to the heart we flooded the aisle. After they would push us back. Same thing happened in Boston but they were a bit more strict and wouldn't let you get up on the tip. Chicago last night I had front row catwalk at the cross so didn't need to move :-)
  9. Got a bunch of great pics last night, including one with Rocco in the concessions line. Check them out here and on my feed: https://instagram.com/p/8IkDSLKR0r/
  10. Just got back from the show. Was my third time seeing. What an awesome night. Had floor toward the rear but every time she came down to the heart we all flooded the aisle and I got damn close. Was right up against for Holiday. David was UB tonight for his birthday. She gave him a ninja turtle holding a banana. He danced and was awesome! No Ghosttown but she did Who's That Girl. But before it she talked about how she appreciates her crew and that technical issues can happen so probably something went wrong in Philly that made her skip it. When I was getting a water bottle, I saw Rocco in line in shades. Quietly asked him for a pic and he was really nice! Can't wait for Chicago on Monday :-)
  11. I agree acoustic WTG, GT and RH in a row are a bit too much. Would prefer she do a performance to the full version. Could see it working after LFL. I really want to like the DYU/ITG/LS but just can't get into it.
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