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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray: Pre-order now available

    I can't believe so many people don't love the live albums! They're my favorites! And let's not forget that you can ONLY get Erotica/You Thrill Me on the live album.
  2. Do you like to boogie woogie?

    I'm sorry, but no matter how many times I listen to the opening of Music, I cannot make out these lyrics at the beginning: Do you like to Boogie woogie, do you like to Boogie woogie,do you like to Boogie woogie, do you like my dancing? The only words I can make out is "acid rock", and apparently that's not even correct. Am I the only one here?
  3. I'm surprised the Live Earth version is overlooked. My personal fave
  4. Maybe they're finishing up editing on RIT to be released in tandem
  5. While I highly doubt it won't get some sort of release, I disagree this is oddly long. I don't know if it's still available on demand or showing on Showtime, but it just doesn't make sense to wait this long after the tour ended when the hype is dying down. Unless they have insight that really the only people who will buy the DVD are the hardcore fans that are going to buy it one way or the other whenever it comes out. But I want it now!!!
  6. This is ridiculous. It's going on a year now since the tour ended. Wtf is she waiting for?
  7. In which tours should M have sung Love Profusion?

    I think she should have an entire "And I Know I Should Feel Sad When I Get In a Bad Mood WORLD TOUR".

    Mine is a tie between NKM and Revolver. Both in my top 5 Madonna performances.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    I'll take my "raw live" experience when I'm seeing it live. Which I did 5 times Nothing could ever capture those moments. Now I love watching the polished version of the show on Blu Ray.
  10. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    I've watched the show probably 5 times now. It's probably my favorite film release yet and I love the editing. Few thoughts: Iconic is flawless. The slow-mo is great and I LOVE the pause after she descends the cage. I almost wonder if that would have been cool to actually do live. BIM has so much going on. I liked it live but am loving the recording. Burning Up is one of the very few areas where I wish the editing was toned down slightly, maybe like 20% but still love it! Devil Pray is one of the very few performances from her career that I feel could have had a much better performance. I don't hate it but it seems a bit underwhelming for such a great track. You can find some concept choreography on YouTube that is much better. I know, I'm a #flopfan True Blue is stunning. My fiancee and I decided that at our wedding we will be using the RHT audio for our first groom/groom slow dance. HeartBreakCity PLEASE include LDLHA in the final broadcast Like a Virgin - Perfection; nuff said S-E-X interlude is merely ok. But still better than Rain from S&S (gag) Living for Love is stunning as well. Love the moment when Madonna and the dancers make eye contact before she drops the cape. The camera shots running down the catwalk are amazing. La Isla Bonita - I don't think I appreciated this as much live as I did when I saw the recording. Lots more going on than I remember. Medley - I have mixed feelings about this one. I think it's good in the DVD but I remember it not working as well when I saw it live 5 times. Again, #flopfan I know Rebel Heart - my favorite for sure. I wish they'd release this officially as promo. Illuminati - no way this could ever have been caught on film as epic as it was in person. Felt the same way about Devil Wouldn't Recognize You from S&S; just doesn't translate as well to film Music - the B&W works great here and she cracks me up Candy Shop - best version so far; can't wait to see it next tour
  11. Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    Anybody have the audio? Dying!!!
  12. And sound phenomenal! I know everyone freaks out about the cuts and the sound polishing, but I actually like it. I went to the show live and experienced it. I'm not trying to recreate that. There's no way you ever could! I appreciate the long-form music video version and the polished vocals for regular listening.
  13. I wonder if it's because LDLHA is a cover and they'd have to pay some sort of royalties. Just a thought.
  14. I'm pretty sure in the LAV performance from Confessions when she says "Are you ready to ride with me? I said are you ready?", the second time she puts the microphone to the audience it switches hands.
  15. LOVE the RH clip. I don't mind the clips from different shows. If it's done well, during songs like RH, it's fine. I think it would be odd though to have more energetic performances to have different costumes. And I dig the audio. I actually prefer the slightly touched up vocals :-)