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  1. do you mind if you can share with us the website to track our shipment?
  2. U can just input a fake number. u can try (659) 848819 . lol
  3. U can purchase the iTunes gift card from the below site https://www.mygiftcardsupply.com/ u can also key in the promo code TYCUSTOMER to enjoy 10 percent discount.
  4. Me 2 I leave my PC to stream non stop on Spotify since 14th
  5. U have to select itunes store to purchase the music not the Apple Music
  6. Can I have one too? I’m using Apple Music .. will use Spotify on my iPad while Apple Music on iphone
  7. Do you where can I place an order for this vinyl?
  8. Please vote for #Crave now: https://twitter.com/1043MYfm/status/1128840789021249536?s=19 Current results: Crave 30% Who Do You Love 70%
  9. she will be featuring in Maluma's new album
  10. can anyone here get me a iTunes gift from US? I will exchange with iTunes Gift card from Japan. i wanna help madonna..
  11. any other link to download? i'm not able to download from spendspace....
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