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  1. Way to go Eire, let's have it legal and safe. You legalized same sex marriage and now this, keep moving forward.
  2. Hilary serving one term was very wise, any crap that happens in term 2 is not going to stick to her. All these scandals will be forgotten and very shortly, the US public has very, very short memories.
  3. Best New Artist: Madonna Best Children's Album: MDNA Best Comedy Album: MDNA
  4. Is that Christina Aguilera in your sig?


  6. What Salman said!

  7. Lucy Goosie is a hottie

  8. Hi,

    how are you? Thanks for adding me as a friend!!!!

  9. Whitney passed the 800k mark this week, something Memoirs will never accomplish. If the Grammy Noms show Whitney a lot of love this album shoud easily pass the million mark and it will do it without airplay or a hit single.
  10. Very interesting sales this week, Kris Allen missed the Top 10 ( I don't think that has ever happened to the debut album of any AI winner before) and Janet just made the Top 20. Can't wait to see next weeks sales, should be very interesting too.
  11. Kris Allen's sales are dreadful and kind of ironic that a previous American Idol winner is even ahead of him with a month old album.
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