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  1. Way to go Eire, let's have it legal and safe. You legalized same sex marriage and now this, keep moving forward.
  2. She was a con artist and a fraud, the disgusting slut deserved to be raped.
  3. Hope you are safe, can't imagine how scary it must be. While I'm all for protesting, looting and destroying property are not going to accomplish anything,
  4. I hope these cunts are force fed 927 cocks in prison, penis, the other white meat!
  5. Thanks guys, I do think the whole thing is terrible and the mother deserves to lose her child but sometimes you just have to make a little joke. Some get my warped sense of humour, others don't.
  6. I live just 20 miles from Arkansas, have a lot of friends up there, this is great news.
  7. Hilary serving one term was very wise, any crap that happens in term 2 is not going to stick to her. All these scandals will be forgotten and very shortly, the US public has very, very short memories.
  8. Best New Artist: Madonna Best Children's Album: MDNA Best Comedy Album: MDNA
  9. Is that Christina Aguilera in your sig?


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