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  1. I wasnt directing it to you svperstar. Sorry, if it upset you. Not my intention at all.Kisses
  2. Why you being mean I never left, I luv this place even before it became madonnanation.
  3. Anyways, Barb music bores me. I will kill myself before seeing her live.
  4. Me 2! I cant figure it out. Both make a good argument
  5. Im not a fan of any album per se. The only one I constantly listen to is "Celbration"
  6. WOW......Live to Tell sequel! Best Ballad ! It touched my soul!
  7. R E B E L HEART! IMO S I N G L E MATERIAL. 'The one that got away' is good for 2nd single. But if anything remotely sounds like a possible Worldwide Hit is 'Rebel' It's very catchy!
  8. GMAYL is a good song...it's better than lots of crap...I believe Madonna can achieve a Hit if it's a good song...it has to touch the heart. If it's bland pop than its iffy. She needs a good heartfelt balled
  9. Happy birthday babe

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