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  1. Fantastic!!! The weather was cold and We stood outside forever. And that Mary Mac dj ...ugh But it was worth it. My 4th. Hubs 1sts. Att Cnter was oversold!!
  2. Well , Ive seen WTG , BA ,RI and Jan 10th Rebel Heart. So, If this will be it for now. Im ok!
  3. Thank You very much for the detailed info ! Do you think it will gross 200M ?
  4. I know well be there in San Antonio Jan 10th. My 4th Tour! Hubs 1st!
  5. We spent $3400.00 for 2 tickets here in San Antonio. Thats not really affordable Suedey. But hubby wanted 10th row. Expectations bring disappointments. I dont think its a fair assessment to suggest if a fan is disappointed or feels unimpressed with Charts or Figures and voices their disdain they are 'not really fans'. Some of us are numbers freaks who are gratefule for this great forum to express our opinion. Some of us like to see stellar rankings vis a vie Madonna and we find it hard to see her decline (not that its her fault, 4 decades is inevitable ) but nevertheless some equate success with marvel. Its ok. Iv done many times, but I still am a fan. We can be critical and still be fans. Btw- This ramble is NOT directed at you Suedey, we go way back. Its only a statement.
  6. So whats the bottomline? Will this tour #s be on par with MDNA?
  7. A lot of excitement here in town. Ksat and kens5 announced it
  8. Going! San Antonio @ At & t. Above Floor. Row 10! Dont ask price. Outrageous
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