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  1. Sky Fits Heaven Vs. Skin

    I remember someone said NRM was promoted to dance stations only. If it was sent to pop stations as well I think it would have done a lot better on the charts.
  2. Fuck Billboard, fuck the charts, fuck the radio stations, fuck the general public who doesn't appreciate quality music. Well if Madonna really wants a hit, she knows what kind of music to produce. I guess integrity is more important than chart success to her.
  3. I don't think she will open her tour in Australia but she owes the Aussie some dates. She should do at least ten shows there.
  4. I heard Get Together at TJ Maxx last Saturday. South Florida
  5. This Used To Be My Playground at Walgreen Wednesday 10 am in South Florida.
  6. Cyndi is always outspoken and honest. She doesn't need to kiss ass. Once I went to see her in a Border bookstore during the Shine EP release. A fan made some nasty comment about Madonna and Cyndi said "Don't say that. I like Madonna." btw Cyndi's "Bring ya to the brink" is a good album.