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  1. kitto

    Has Madonna ever dissappointed you?

    one more: Could have added more tour dates in more countries, especially Australia.
  2. kitto

    Has Madonna ever dissappointed you?

    1. Did not release more singles for the Music album 2. Did not add new songs on GHV2 (I was expecting 3 new songs) 3. Convinced Guy to give her the role in Swept Away and gave a bad performance 4. She used to produce songs for movies in between albums but hasn't done that for a while. 5. Hard Candy is disappointing 6. Could have added more new songs to Celebration (at least 2 more) 7. Could have released b-sides to her singles 8. Lazy video for her songs. 9. Not spending time to promote her albums and singles.
  3. For someone as ugly as him how could he even be remotely popular?
  4. She is too intelligent for dumb people to see her talent.
  5. kitto

    From 2000-2009: Top 5 of Music Videos

    Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like For a Girl American Pie Die Another Day Celebration
  6. kitto

    US Chart Talk: 1/2/10

    Don't think his apology is sincere anyway. Look how he reacted to the Walmart incident, he is just a piece of shit.
  7. kitto

    US Chart Talk: 1/2/10

    Well during the slow season she may not sell as much as 400K
  8. kitto

    US Chart Talk: 1/2/10

    Obviously some dumb ass low lives who don't have a problem with a man beating a woman.
  9. kitto

    Mariah vs. Madonna

    That whale should go back to the ocean and stay there for good.
  10. kitto

    US Chart Talk: 12/5/09

    I like her live performances but her voice is so polished and tamed in the album - no emotion, no passion, no power. I wanted to buy her album, but after listening to the preview on Amazon I think I pass. BTW I am happy that her album sells good. She does better in live performance and Sony should release a special edition with some live performances of her.
  11. Pharrell's annoying voice ruined every single songs on Hard Candy.
  12. kitto

    Mariah vs. Madonna

    Few days ago I went to Walmart and some crazy Mariah fans put 4 copies of MOAIA on top of Celebration. There are tons of MOAIA left everywhere. BTW Celebration is on the "Must Have" section in Walmart last week.
  13. kitto

    Mariah vs. Madonna

    Why take it serious? Most are just having a bit of fun. BTW many people, Madonna fan or not, don't like Mariah for good reasons.
  14. kitto

    "Celebration" DVD Discussion

    I think low budget is a major factor of her making "lazy" video.