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    Rebel Heart Tour Edition in Japan

    Oops, I found myself: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/madonna/news/2015/10/19 Thank you anyway for bringing my attention!
  2. Runaway Lover

    Rebel Heart Tour Edition in Japan

    Where is this news coming from, please?
  3. Runaway Lover

    Bitch I'm Madonna Remixes are out!

    Where do you have this from please?
  4. It's going to be epic! I know it!!!
  5. Runaway Lover

    Madonna on Snapchat!!

    Thank you!!!
  6. Does anybody know which font was used for LIVING FOR LOVE please?
  7. Where is this info coming from please, Robster?
  8. I was refering to the snippets posted by MRama. I always love those M songs, which are about my life somehow, which I can sing along. If you know what I mean. I even had a problem with Gang Bang
  9. I feel kinda the same. For the first time t beeing a fan for more than 20 years, I'm scared a bit. I will not be able to enjoy tracks like Bitch, I'm Madonna or Unapologetic Bitch. I really hope more tracks like Veni Vidi Vici or Messiah or Living For Love will be chosen for the final tracklist.
  10. Lil Buck is a dancer from the Super Bowl and MDNA Tour, who won the Smirnoff casting.
  11. And what about Demon's Disco? Outtake from the Confessions
  12. For me it's a confirmation. 1 or 2 pages back there were still discussions whether is Messiah new song by Madonna or old by Handel
  13. Liz Rosenberg Media sdílel(a) příspěvek (fotka) uživatele Madonna. 19 min · Madonna fans - Check out this teaser for her new song "Messiah"
  14. http://www.****adfly.com/2014/06/15/madonna-release-surprise-album/