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  1. Those catalogue numbers are for the album, so nothing new here.
  2. It's great to see Madame X hasn't died yet. I'd love God Control mixes to follow.
  3. MADONNA "I Don't Search I Find" (DJ PAULO's Private Runway Mix) 1 TRACK WAV. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14SAzpeaPT3EJ-lsKqP8g_GJ5-6SRJsvu
  4. I check this topic every Thursday evening to see whether the mixes have been released in New Zealand yet
  5. I would die for a pic disc, but I'm affraid it's just one of those fake pics.
  6. These days everybody's a DJ. I guess they all use the same app on their cellphone.
  7. After I Don't Search I Find remixes peak in the Billboard Club Songs chart February?
  8. I hope God Control will be the 50th. And I Don't Search I Find the 51st.
  9. The new remixes are: These are Mike Cruz Club Mix, Boris Remix and DJLW Remix. https://www.madonnation.cz/novinka-crave-remixes-part-2-coming-soon-1687?jazyk=en
  10. Their ability to create an article from nothing always amazes me.
  11. I really like and enjoy listening to various remixes from one DJ. I miss the 90's when we got several variations, extended remixes, edits, dubs etc. And 12" double vinyls with all of them.
  12. Have the remixes been released in New Zealand yet?
  13. Orlando Puera says very soon, but this can mean absolutely anything in Madonna's world.
  14. I love it more than the original! Thank you for posting!
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